Top Cultural Destinations in India

Top 10 Cultural Destinations in India

The country has umpteen numbers of tourist destinations with each presenting a unique experience. The list of the destination is endless. Few of the destinations that are quite popular are:

1. Agra

A trip to India is India is incomplete without visiting Agra. The city in the state of Uttar Pradesh boasts of world famous Taj Mahal. One of the New Seven Wonders of the world and one of three World Heritage Sites, Taj Mahal is the mausoleum of Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan’s favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal. It construction was completed in 1653 which took 22 years (1630-1652).

This symmetrical structure made up of white marble was a result of hard work of more than 20,000 workers, masons and jewellers. The beauty of the monument is unmatched to any other and makes for a memorable experience. The city of Agra has many other monuments as well. Fatehpur Sikri and the Agra Fort will also amaze you with their sheer beauty and architectural excellence.

2. Jaipur / Udaipur

Popularly called as the pink city, Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan. The city was called the same after it was painted in the colour of pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in the year of1853. It is famous tourist destination and if you want to have a glimpse of royal India and its rich history, Jaipur is one of the best places to visit.

There are many monuments and forts standing beautifully and luring many tourists to such an extent that tourism has become one of the most important sources of the city’s economy.

Some of the popular tourists spots in the city of Jaipur are Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Rambagh Palace, Chandra Mahal, The City Palace, Diwan-e-Aam, Central Museum (Albert Hall Museum), etc.

3. Goa

Goa presents a strikingly unique picture of India unlike other cities or state. The state has been one of the major tourist destinations amongst both domestic as well as international tourists.

Pristine beaches of Goa are the main reason for its popularity. Once you are in Goa, you will realize the hype is all worth, the place emanates beauty and calmness. The lifestyle and culture of the place also creates a hassle free environment where tourists can just relax and enjoy themselves.

Apart from beaches, there are some other attractions as well in Goa such as Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Francis of Assisi, etc.

4. Jammu and Kashmir

A paradise on Earth, Kashmir is a place everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of the land is not unknown to any. Snow clad mountains, refreshing lakes, open clear blue sky and a soothing atmosphere welcomes you one of the most memorable vacation.

There has been a drop in its tourism because of the few on-going issues in last decades. But with the help of Government, the place is again popularity amongst nature lovers. There are many important tourist spots. Some of these are Raghunath Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Mansar Lake, Bahu Fort & Gardens, Gulmarg, Mughal Gardens and Pahalgam, etc.

5. Varanasi

In the famous words of Mark Twain, Varanasi is “older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend”. The city presents a spiritual and religious picture of India in a unique way.

Not just for religious tourists, the city of Varanasi located in the state of Uttar Pradesh presents a memorable experience for each and every one. The city has high mythological importance in the Hindu religion.

Sun rays shimmering across the holy Ganges early in the morning, the temples and shrines by the banks of the rivers filling the air with holy chants and hymns and positivity along with the aroma of incense makes the morning in Varanasi unforgettable.

The sight on the ghats of Ganges is sure to mesmerise each and every one. The city is one of the most important pilgrimage centre for not just Hindus but also for those following Buddhism and Jainism.

One can easily spot saints totally absorbed in the beliefs and faiths, who have found peace away from the world. Visiting Varanasi rejuvenates you in an unusual way which is unexplainable.

6. Ajanta Ellora

While talking about must-visit spots of India, no one can forget the famous Ajantha & Ellora. These are 28 – 30 rock-cut cave monuments which were created during the 1st century BC and 5th century AD. These monuments are consisted of paintings and sculptures which have been widely acknowledged as the artistic masterpieces.These are mostly Buddhist religious art.

Located in the state of Maharashtra, outside the village of Ajantha & Ellora in Aurangabad district, the caves present exceptional architecture which has been crafted by hand, with only a hammer and chisel. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, Ajanta & Ellora Caves offer tourists with amazing paintings and sculpture.

7. Kerala (Backwaters):

Located in lush and tropical Malabar Coast, Kerala, popularly referred as the “Gods Own Country” is word wide famous of its backwaters. It has been named as one of the “ten paradises of the world” by National Geographic Traveller magazine.

The state is mostly known for its eco-tourism. Along with breath taking nature the state see hordes of tourist because of its ayurvedic centres presenting alternative herbal method of treatment of body and soul.

Although backwaters are most popular in Kerala, the state also has serene beaches, hill stations, lush greenery, wildlife and bird sanctuaries along with a colourful and rich culture.

Some of the popular Kerala back waters are Alappuzha Backwaters, Kumarakom Backwaters, Kochi Backwaters, Kollam Backwaters, Trivandrum Backwaters, Kozhikode Backwaters, Kerala Mountain Backwaters, etc.

8. Delhi

The capital city of India Delhi is a place not just connecting rest of the world with India but a place with rich culture, historical background and worth visiting tourist spots.

From mosques to forts to other monuments, Old Delhi symbolises the historical background of not just the city but the entire country. New Delhi mostly comprises of most of many government buildings and embassies along with few buildings of historical importance.

Some of the major attractions of the Delhi are Lotus Temple, India Gate and Akshardham Temple. The Qutub Minar, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb have been declared as the World Heritage Sites and thus make for one visit to the least.

9. Hampi

Rightly referred as the medieval capital of the Hindu empire Vijayanagara (the City of Victory), Hampi has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the state of Karnataka is a town presenting tourists with more than 500 monuments which clearly mark it as one of the greatest of the empires of ancient India.

The ruins of the monuments dates back to 14th century and comprises of captivating temples, basements of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings, etc.

Tourists will find something intriguing, commendable and worth noticing at each and every corner of the Hampi. This definitely makes as one of the most interesting places in India offering a beautiful glimpse into the grand past of the country.