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Dream of leading an adventurous life full of travelling to exotic places? Or just looking for some interesting destinations for peaceful vacation?

A perfect travel presents a beautiful break away from the hustle bustle of day to day lives and pressure of work. What can be better than travelling to a serene place and spending some quality time with your loved ones?

The world is full of places catering to wide range of tourism. One of the most popular ways of holidaying has been to the hill stations and beaches where one can get closer to nature away from the concrete jungles of the cities.

Hill stations like Kodaikanal, Coorg and Ooty to beaches like Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep islands to places like Kerala which offers best of various forms of nature.

Imagine spending with your dear one by the sea side with cool sea breeze caressing you or enjoying a barbecue and music on a moon lit night at the beach. Doesn’t this create a picture of perfect holidaying moments full of calmness and serenity?

Beaches of Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep islands offer you with this and much more. If you are someone who loves nature and live for it, spending few days amidst lush greenery, rich flora and fauna and refreshing environment is nothing less than a dream come true.

Tourist destinations like Kodaikanal, Coorg, Kerala and Ooty not just promise exotic natural settings but umpteen numbers of adventurous sports such as trekking, hiking, jungle safaris in various wild life sanctuaries and national parks, boating, etc.

Our specific websites on each of the destination present you with an opportunity to experience the place even before you travel and choose your destination accordingly.

However, for a good traveling experience we need not just names of destinations worth visiting but also require all the information and access to various facilities. Be it Queen of all the hill stations – Ooty or Princess of Hills stations – Kodaikanal or Coorg – the Scotland of India, your trip can go all wrong if there is lack of proper planning.

What can be better than talking professional help in planning a vacation for yourself and enjoying your days in the best way possible? Right amount and updated information on the place one is visiting is equally important. Going by a tour package is one of the best options to plan your vacation from a reliable and trust worth source.

Holidays DNA offer its clients with best of the tour packages on various destinations ranging from Kodaikanal to Lakshadweep Islands. Our highly efficient team with their updated and detailed information assist you in planning your vacation.

From booking tickets to selection of the suitable accommodation based on your purpose and budget of the trip to commuting within the destination to eating, we at Holidays DNA assist you with each and everything.

Various kinds of tour packages are offered covering various purposes such as (honeymoon, family rip, adventure holidaying, business tour, etc. We ensure that our clients have a memorable vacation and enjoy themselves to the maximum without having to worry about any arrangements.