Independent Tours

If you don’t like traveling with the group, Independent Tour is the perfect choice for you. In simplest terms, Independent Tours offer you the option of traveling as you want, when you want and the as long as you want.

Traveling away from the group is not the only reason for choosing independent travel. These tours put the control in the hands of travelers. They are free to choose their destination and travel time, unlike group tours and customize the travel as per their convenience and preference.

For instance, we at Holidays DNA offer tailor made independent tours, which are designed after keeping your interests and preferences in mind. We try to make your travel exactly as you wish, without having to worry about the arrangement.

Whether you want to travel by train or by air; book a cab or commute by public transport; whether you want to spend days sightseeing or lazing around; party all night or have rejuvenating massage at a spa. We ensure that you do everything you want at your own pace through our independent tour packages.

Here, you are not traveling with 10 – 20 other travelers; hence there is no need to modify your schedule as per others. Unlike other tour packages, you need to depart at the said time or on a pre-fixed date.

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You can change and alter your itinerary as per you wish. Our travel experts take care of all the travel logistics, starting from booking of travel tickets and hotels to sightseeing to any other requirements that you have.