Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur

25 Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a city with vivid art, culture and heritage, surrounded by dusty desert. Forts and palaces dominate the list of must places to visit in Jodhpur, but equally attractive are the blue houses. Over half of the houses in Jodhpur are painted blue or they have a blue roof (or blue doors at least). And this blue cover has earned Jodhpur the nickname – The Blue City.

However, it’s the charm of majestic Mehrangarh Fort which pulls tourists towards the city. The architecture of the fort and the palaces and temples under its aegis is exemplary. Also, the landscape surrounding the area has numerous lakes and gardens to visit.

If you want to experience the vibrant blues up close, visit the Brahmpuri area. And then, you have Ghanta Ghar (clock tower) and the surrounding Sardar Market to explore the tastes and traditions of Jodhpur.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada and Phalodi Fort are some other places to visit in Jodhpur and nearby.

You can explore the art and culture during a Bishnoi village safari or dive deep into the history in the government museum. The city is dotted with numerous temples too. And if endless desert fascinates you, you will find a desert safari tour too.

So, check this list of 25 tourist places to visit in Jodhpur and plan your trip accordingly.

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur Top Places to Visit
Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1459, and it is one of the biggest forts in India. It has several huge gates, including Jayapol (victory gate built by Maharaja Man Singh) and Fatehpol (victory gate built by Maharaja Ajit Singh). And the thick walls of the fort contain several palaces known for their intricate carvings and expansive courtyards.

Inside the fort, you’ll also find a museum. It has royal palanquins, arms and other artefacts belonging to the kings.

You’ll need a day to explore Mehrangarh Fort in depth. And from the top of the fort, you can enjoy the beauty of Jodhpur.

Phool Mahal

Phool Mahal Jodhpur Best Places to Visit
Phool Mahal Jodhpur

Phool Mahal (or Palace of Flowers) is the most lavish palace in Mehrangarh Fort. It was built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh in the 18th century for leisure. Its design and style will provide you with a glimpse of the extravagant lifestyle of the maharajas of Jodhpur.

The palace is decorated like a beautiful flower, with a pleasing splash of colours. The pillars and ceilings are adorned with gold carvings. You’ll find many beautiful portraits and paintings here. And the artefacts and furniture, too, enhance the grandeur of Phool Mahal.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal Jodhpur Tourist Place
Sheesh Mahal Jodhpur

Sheesh Mahal (also known as Glass Palace) is a part of the Mehrangarh Fort. The intricate mirror work from ceiling to floor portrays the features of the royal Rajput architecture. Various colourful ornaments and craft items decorate the ceilings.

It is one of the most beautiful palaces in Jodhpur, and brightly coloured paintings complement the decor of the palace. These paintings are of various religious figures including Lord Shiva and Parvati, Lord Krishna and Lord Rama among others.

A grand chandelier further adds to the beauty of the palace.

Chamunda Mata Temple

Chamunda Mata Temple Jodhpur Tourism Attraction
Chamunda Mata Temple Jodhpur (courtesy: colinhepburn)

Chamunda Mata Temple is among the oldest temples in the city which is known for its beautiful engravings too.

It is said that Rao Jodha brought the idol from its original residence at Mandore, and established it here. The temple is on the southern end of Mehrangarh Fort.

People consider Chamunda Devi as the saviour goddess of Jodhpur. And she has been revered by the royal family too. Thus, the temple is a pilgrimage site for the Hindus. Devotees come here to take the blessings of the goddess, especially during the festival of Dussehra.

The place also offers a beautiful view of the city.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park Jodhpur
Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park Jodhpur (courtesy: wesleybrandon)

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is right next to the Mehrangarh Fort. The desert park was created to save the ecology, the vegetation and the rock formation of the region.

Many native plants and trees of the Thar Desert were planted. And it is among must-visit places in Jodhpur with family, near the fort. It offers multiple walking trails and scenic views of the fort and town. These trails take you past rock formations and through the desert landscape.

Nature lovers will love to explore Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park. It is adored by photography enthusiasts and trekkers alike.

Ranisar-Padamsar Lake

Ranisar - Padamsar Lake Jodhpur
Ranisar – Padamsar Lake Jodhpur

Ranisar Lake is another of the top places to visit in Jodhpur. It is close to Mehrangarh Fort, located on the rear of it. The serenity of the lake captivates both locals and tourists. Adjacent to Ranisar Lake is Padamsar Lake. And they have a reflection of the grand fort.

These scenic lakes were built over 500 years ago, to conserve water. And they rarely dry, even though they are in a desert area.

Ranisar Lake was built by Queen Jasmade Hadi, wife of Rao Jodha and Padamsar Lake, by the daughter of Rana Sanga of Mewar. The clean water has been a consistent source of water in the city.

Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada Jodhpur Best Tourist Places to See
Jaswant Thada Jodhpur (courtesy: wesleybrandon)

Jaswant Thada is a memorial built for Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh in the year 1899, and it also serves as the crematorium for the royal Rajput family of Marwar.

The memorial is built with white marble, and it is an elegant piece of architecture. Jaswant Thada features a small lake with lush green lawns and a flower garden surrounding the building. And this memorial, as well as the natural beauty, attracts tourists who visit Jodhpur.

It is also a preferred venue for various concerts, music festivals, and folk programmes.

Toorji Ka Jhalra

Toorji Ka Jhalra Jodhpur Places to Visit
Toorji Ka Jhalra Jodhpur (courtesy: bobby)

Toorji Ka Jhalra is a step-well, hidden within the maze of narrow streets of Jodhpur. It was built more than 200 years ago to serve as a source of water. Local Jodhpur sandstone was used to build the step-well, and the steps lead down to a deep pool. It helped local people when there was no rain and the water was scarce.

Kids play games and dive in the pool during the summer to beat the heat. And its creative architecture and design attract many tourists.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur Popular Sightseeing Place
Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace is an extensive sandstone structure built on a hilltop. It is the residence of the royal family of Jodhpur, and it is among the largest private residences in the world.

A section of this palace is a luxury hotel. And this palace is also one of the few places in the world where you can live while the royal family is also residing. It’s unlikely, though, that you’ll bump into a member of the royal family.

Umaid Bhawan Palace also has a museum. And it has a collection of objects belonging to the royal family. Alongside intriguing artefacts and crockery, the museum also has the cars owned by the former king.

Hanwant Mahal

Hanwant Mahal Jodhpur Sightseeing Attraction
Hanwant Mahal Jodhpur (courtesy: wesleybrandon)

Hanwant Mahal used to be the hunting palace of the maharajas. They stopped here for meals and drinks after returning from their expeditions.

Today, this palace has been converted into a five-star hotel. And it provides a royal dining experience. Here, you can enjoy delicious Rajasthani food and other delicacies in the rooftop restaurant. On some days, you can also enjoy live cultural music and folk-dance shows.

Hanwant Mahal is near Umaid Bhawan Palace. And from the top, you can see that palace, as well as get a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding landscape.

Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur Places to See
Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur

Ghanta Ghar, or Clock Tower, is a known landmark in Jodhpur Old City. It is a tall and impressive piece of architecture built in the 19th century. It is the perfect spot to know and experience the vibrant yet simple culture of Jodhpur.

You can visit this clock tower for its amazing architecture and click photos near it. And the tower is also a hangout point where you can find various street food stalls and other vendors selling arts and crafts.

Ghanta Ghar is indeed among the best places to visit in Jodhpur city. Go there in the evening, when the tower is lit up, adding to its beauty.

Sardar Market

Sardar Market Jodhpur
Sardar Market Jodhpur

Sardar Market is adjacent to Clock Tower. It is named after Maharaja Sardar Singh, and you’ll find a wide range of products here. From traditional clothes and jewellery to handicrafts, you have a lot to explore.

Sardar Market is one of the oldest markets in Jodhpur, and if you want to buy some local gifts for friends or home decor items, this is the place to be.

This market is also among the best places to visit in Jodhpur for food. It has many well-known food restaurants and cafes like Janta Sweet Home, Shri Mishrilal Hotel and Gypsy Restaurant. And whether you want to try a full Rajasthani thali or take a quick bite, you’ll have plenty of options.


Brahmpuri Jodhpur
Brahmpuri Jodhpur

The Brahmpuri area of Jodhpur was home to the local Brahmins. This is where you’ll find most of the blue houses of Jodhpur.

The tradition of painting the houses blue started to make it easy for people to find the houses of Brahmins. The blue colour distinguished Brahmpuri from the surrounding area. And soon this blue theme had spread out from Brahmpuri to the rest of Jodhpur. Thus, the city gained the name Blue City.

Walk through the lanes of Brahmpuri as you pass one blue house after another. Observe daily life and click pictures of this impressive sight.

Sardar Government Museum

Sardar Government Museum Jodhpur Best Place to Visit
Sardar Government Museum Jodhpur (courtesy: fengwenlin)

Sardar Government Museum is on the premises of Umaid Public Park. It was built in 1909 and it is one of the most famous museums in Rajasthan.

The museum has portraits of various kings of Jodhpur. And you’ll also find some of their belongings preserved for the public display. The collection consists of miniature paintings, metallic art pieces and stone sculptures, among other things. Traditional art and craft items, royal clothes and weapons too, are in the museum.

You can also spend time in the park, visit the nearby zoo or explore the public library.

Rai Ka Bagh Palace

Rai Ka Bagh Palace was built in 1663 by one of the reigning queens of Jodhpur. The palace is octagon-shaped, and it is one of the popular tourist spots of the city. The building is decorated with intricate carvings and attractive rock-carved structures.

This place has a dome-themed architecture, and the marble-finished rooms are worth a visit. Equally spectacular are the colourful garden and greenery around.

Rai Ka Bagh Palace serves as one of the government offices today. But you must visit it to witness the architectural splendour of that time.

Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake Jodhpur Tourist Place to Visit
Balsamand Lake Jodhpur (courtesy:

Balsamand Lake is one of the charming places to visit in Jodhpur. It is a major tourist attraction. It is an artificial lake on the outskirts of the city, which serves as a water reservoir. The lake is surrounded by bushy patches and rocky pathways, and its serenity attracts many tourists.

The lake has trees surrounding it, which add to the charm of the place. There are groves of mango, papaya, pomegranate and other fruit trees. Even a variety of animals and birds are found near the lake.

You can also visit Balsamand Lake Palace during your visit. It was built as a summer palace, on the lakeside.

Mandore Garden

Mandore Garden Tourist Attraction in Jodhpur
Mandore Garden Jodhpur (courtesy: christopherbrown)

Mandore Garden is another among the popular places to visit outside Jodhpur. It has been the crematorium of the royals of Jodhpur, and you’ll find cenotaphs of all the important rulers here. The cenotaph of Maharaja Ajit Singh is the most popular, because of its architecture.

The garden also has many temples and memorials, including the Hall of Heroes. It has the statues and stories of many folk heroes.

And apart from all the stunning architecture and sculpture in Mandore Garden, you can enjoy a pleasant and peaceful environment here.

Bishnoi Village

Bishnoi Village Jodhpur Tourist Spot
Bishnoi Village Jodhpur (courtesy: thevictorians)

Bishnoi Village is about 20 km away from Jodhpur. And a Bishnoi Village safari will introduce you to the lifestyle in a Rajasthani village.

Here, you can watch how the villagers earn their living, make textiles and cook food. And you will be able to enjoy cultural activities and other activities like camel rides, desert safari and village walk. Also, art and handicraft collection are available in the local shops here.

Also, Bishnoi village area is like an oasis, and the flora and fauna are worth exploring.

Apart from all the experiences and excursions, you can also savour on Rajasthani lunch meal. And for the more adventurous ones, camping facilities can also be arranged.

Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake Jodhpur Best Places to See
Kaylana Lake Jodhpur (courtesy: divymalick)

Kaylana Lake is a picturesque lake, surrounded by lush greenery, about 10 km away from Jodhpur city. It’s an artificial lake built in 1872 to provide fresh water to the residents.

It’s among the best places to visit in Jodhpur for couples. Here you can enjoy boating and a beautiful sunset in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

The lake is home to some exotic bird species, which makes it an ideal location for bird watching too. Also, migratory birds like Siberian Cranes and Pelicans visit the lake during winter. And while you’re here, capture some beautiful pictures of the lake and the surrounding area.

Dhawa Doli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dhawa Doli Wildlife Sanctuary Jodhpur
Dhawa Doli Wildlife Sanctuary Jodhpur (courtesy: mukulc)

Dhawa Doli Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular animal-spotting place near Jodhpur. It has varied biodiversity with wildlife animals like antelopes, black bucks and desert foxes. You’ll also come across nilgai, chital and sambar here.

The place is about 40 km away from Jodhpur. And it attracts nature lovers, photographers and solo travellers to spend time exploring the desert wildlife. Birdwatchers also will like the experience of this wildlife sanctuary.

The best time to visit this sanctuary is at the crack of dawn or dusk. You can find some animals during the day too, near the water bodies.

Om Banna Temple

Om Banna Temple / Bullet Baba Temple Jodhpur
Om Banna Temple Jodhpur (courtesy: thevictorians)

Om Banna Temple, or Bullet Baba Temple, is an unusual temple, about 50 km away from Jodhpur. The shrine is dedicated to Om Singh Rathore, a traveller who died at this site.

It’s said that he was a resident of Chotila village nearby, and he crashed his Royal Enfield Bullet into the tree. Police took the motorcycle away, but it appeared at the accident site again. After numerous failed attempts, people believed the bike had magical powers. And they started worshipping it.

The Bullet is encased in a glass case, and nearby villagers come here to take blessings for a safe journey. Offerings in the form of flowers and prayer strings are also presented.

Arna Jharna Museum

Arna Jharna Museum Jodpur Tourism Places
Arna Jharna Museum Jodpur

Arna Jharna Museum is a desert museum that provides a glimpse of the lifestyle of people living in the villages. It boasts of an extensive collection of brooms used in Rajasthan.

You’ll also find a space dedicated to colourful pottery and delightful puppetry in Arna Jharna Museum. It is set up in an open space in the desert, and it is an ideal place to learn about the music and culture of Rajasthan. It houses a collection of musical instruments from all corners of Rajasthan.

You can experience live Rajasthani music and folk dance here. And it also hosts various workshops from time to time.

Khejarla Fort

Khejarla Fort Jodhpur
Khejarla Fort Jodhpur (courtesy: stefanw)

Khejarla Fort, about 80 km away from the city, is another among the historical places to visit in Jodhpur. It showcases the lifestyle and architectural taste of the Rajputs. The interior of the fort and the things have been preserved and put to display as they were. You’ll also find beautiful frescoes and carvings in the fort.

A part of the fort has been turned into a heritage hotel. And the hotel offers jeep safari and horse safari around the ruins and nearby areas. You can also enjoy exquisite local cuisine in the Khejarla Fort Hotel.


Osian Oasis Jodhpur
Osian Jodhpur (courtesy: jessicat)

Osian is an oasis amidst the Thar Desert. It is about 65 km away from Jodhpur, and it is known as “Khajuraho of Rajasthan” because of its temples. It is home to many Jain and Hindu temples And the Sun (or Surya) Temple, Kali Temple and Mahavira Jain Temple are among the must-visit temples in Osian.

Osian temples were built during the 7th and 8th centuries, and the Sun Temple is the oldest among them. Also, visit Sachiya Mata Temple during your trip to Osian. It offers an aerial view of the golden sand dunes and the greenery around.

Phalodi Fort

Phalodi Fort Jodhpur
Phalodi Fort Jodhpur (courtesy: nicnac)

Phalodi Fort is a historical fort in Phalodi, about 140 km from Jodhpur. It was built in 1488, and it still is one of the best examples of the Rajput architectural style. The artistic portraits and architectural designs are proof of how talented the artists of Marwar were.

You can also explore the village life of Phalodi during your visit. The town is known as Salt City, as it has many salt industries.

And Phalodi is a tourism hub too. Tourists come here for sightseeing, shopping and exploring its rich cultural and historical legacy.

Other Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Other Prominent Places to Visit in Jodhpur
Other Prominent Places to Visit in Jodhpur (courtesy: salvatoren)

Among the other prominent places to visit in Jodhpur with family is Masuria Hill Garden. It provides a panoramic view of the whole city. And if you like wildlife, visit Machia Biological Park during your Jodhpur trip.

Nature lovers will love Jaswant Sagar Dam. It offers many recreational activities, including boating.

Another place of tourist interest in Jodhpur is Sardar Samand Lake, and the palace built on the shores. Sardar Samand Lake Palace used to be a hunting lodge, but today it’s a heritage hotel.

Also, check out Takhat Sagar Lake while you’re in Jodhpur. Guda Lake is another attraction.

And if you want to explore more architectural beauties, visit Udai Mandir. The main temple is carved out of sandstone, and it’s supported by more than 100 pillars. Ram Dwara and Siddhant Shiv Temple are other important temples in Jodhpur.

Chand Bawri step-well is another place you must visit in the city. It is said to be amongst the deepest step-wells in the country. Raas Haveli and Nirali Dhani are other places which you mustn’t miss.

Shastri Circle and Umaid Heritage Art School are also worth the time.

And to explore the vibrant handicrafts of Jodhpur, visit Tripolia Market. You’ll find colourful ethnic dresses and accessories here. You can also buy art pieces and statues here.


Jodhpur is a city known for its art, culture and royalty. And there are a lot more places to visit in Jodhpur for fun other than the ones aforementioned.

You can uncover countless forts, palaces and other historical spots in Jodhpur. And you can also experience the arts and culture of Rajasthan all around the city. So, plan a trip and pack your bags to enjoy the vibrancy and royalty of Jodhpur.