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Holidays are not just about tour packages and booking of tickets. Holidays DNA team understands this well and thus we do not hesitate from taking that extra setup for our fellow travelers. Our team has travelled to wide range of destinations, stayed at different resorts and hotels, opted for various tour plans and has finally come up with services that are effective and relevant.

We at Holidays DNA try our best to understand other travelers’ requirements, their apprehensions, their preferences as well as limitations. This is the reason why we try to reach you in every way possible and solve all kinds of travel queries.

Service even at Mid Night!
Holidays DNA is ready to serve its clients 24/7 throughout the year. For us, the most important thing is to serve travelers in the best way we can and at a time which is suitable to them. Be it midnight or early in morning, our travel experts are ready with their plans and services to assist you in your dream vacation.

Book Online or Call Us:
Our online services are available throughout the day and night. You can book any of the packages from wide range of options offered at Holidays DNA. If interested in having your holiday planned, you can also contact us with your details and our experts will equip with all the needed information and a package suiting you.

We present various interesting packages on our website as well which are updated regularly. Do visit and have a look!

Visit us at and fill our enquiry form. You can also email your queries at You can call us at +91 90 3000 6888 or +91 90 3000 5007 . Our travel experts will attend to your queries and help you in planning your trip.

Personalized Expertise:
Holidays DNA believes in providing the best possible service to its clients. Each and every member of Holidays DNA works towards making your vacation a memorable one. Our travel experts use their extensive knowledge of the travel industry and destinations and present packages that are most suitable to you.

Our team at Holidays DNA has traveled widely and is still on the go! We experience the place and create tour packages based on that experience. As you further on this brochure, you can find few glimpses of how we have explored God’s own country Kerala.

If you want plan your tour in your way, our experts are there to help you with that as well. With their first hand experiences and relevant suggestions, they assist you in planning the vacation in the best way possible.

Bounded by Responsibility:
Travel is one activity that binds all of us together and one of the most enjoyable of all. We at Holidays DNA believe in travelling responsibly. We understand our accountability towards nature and put in sincere efforts to maintain the same.

We assist our customers in travelling the eco-friendly way. We use facilities and ways that work towards maintaining a better environment rather than adding on to the global warming. We choose hotels and resorts that also share same values and responsibility towards environment.

We at Holidays DNA office also work in an eco-friendly ways with minimum usage of paper and ensure that electricity is not wastage in any way.