Ahar Cenotaphs, Udaipur

Ahar Cenotaphs, Udaipur

If you are somebody who has a soft corner for history & architecture, the little town of Ahar will become your favourite, especially because of the beautiful & majestic architecture of Ahar Cenotaphs.

What makes this Cenotaph special is the fact that it is the cremation ground of the royal rulers of Mewar. This also makes it renowned for being an archaeological site that offers amusing facts to archaeologists, research scholars & students.

As soon as you enter the Cenotaphs, you will be greeted with vibes of courage, pride and valor of the mighty rulers. There are approximately 19 cenotaphs of the kings from different generations who were cremated here and the cenotaph that is dedicated to Maharana Amar Singh is the most alluring.

What is also very interesting is the change in the architecture of the cenotaphs in each generation. Travellers often come here to pay homage to them. Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest places to visit in Udaipur, considering it’s a little offbeat yet comfortably located.

These royal cenotaphs are in a state of shambles and very few set of travellers visit this monument. However, that does not take away its charm. In fact, because you will see only a few people, you can enjoy the place all by yourself which enhances its beauty & your experience.

Not only each of the cenotaphs is beautiful but when you look at it entirely, it is breathtaking. It is also said that the Ahar cenotaphs have been shown in various movies, both Bollywood & Hollywood. It is not a usual tourist spot but will definitely add on to your memories.

Make sure to ask your tour operator to include Ahar Cenotaphs while you plan your Udaipur City Tour.

Architecture of Ahar Cenotaphs

Just like the other monuments in Rajasthan, this one too has a striking architecture that is bound to leave you spellbound. There are compelling pillars that are raised on big platforms.

These platforms are also sheltered by dome-shaped roofs (also known as Chattri). Several steps lead you to the central domes of the cenotaph which also makes it extremely Instagram worthy and a perfect spot to click photographs!

These cenotaphs are made using marbles and have erected pillars and domes with intricate carvings of flowers, human figures on them which makes it all the more gorgeous. Didn’t they say, the beauty lies in the details.

On top of these cenotaphs, you can also find a small ‘Shiv-Ling’ along with a statue of ‘Nandi Ji’. Explore Ahar Cenotaphs comfortably by booking a Udaipur Local Sightseeing Tours ahead.

History of Ahar Cenotaphs

Even though there are 19 cenotaphs of great significance, that is of the kings, this place boasts of 372 cenotaphs in total which were built over 400 years ago. It is also known as a Mahasatya, which is a burial and a cremation ground.

The domes are dedicated to Maharana Amar Singh Maharana Sangram Singh, Swaroop Singh, Shambhu Singh, Fateh Singh, Bhupal Singh, Bhagwat Singh Mewar and Sajjan Singh.

If you have an eye for great architecture, you will notice that the cenotaph of Maharaja Sangram Singh is quite interesting. It is supported with fifty-six pillars and has an octagonal-shaped dome at its centre.

Further, it is believed that in 1734, Maharana Sangram Singh and his 21 wives were cremated here. That is why you can also see an image of Lord Shiva along with a figure representing the king with their ‘Sati’ wives.

You should also catch a glimpse of the Gangodbhava, which is a holy pool, commonly known as a ‘kund’. This kund is surrounded by small ‘Chattris’ and is said to have a holy value and is of historical importance.

The kund is constructed in the classic architectural structure of a stepwell which is very common across Rajasthan. The Gangodbhava was used in early days to collect water. At the end of the steps is also a small temple of Lord Shiva. There is a certain grandeur & statement about this one.

Things to do at Ahar Cenotaphs

When at Ahar Cenotaphs, do consider spending quality time amid the beautiful royal heritage, glancing at every detail wondering about the incredible Craftsmanship!

Sit on the steps and watch birds take a flight over you. And if possible, try and visit at early sunset to see the magical hues over the tombs.

But without a doubt, taking a dozen good pictures at Ahar Cenotaphs should be a part of your bucket list of the top 10 things to do in Udaipur. Do note that you may find a big board saying Photography is prohibited.

We would recommend you spend between 30-60 minutes at this royal crematory.

Places to visit near Ahar Cenotaphs

Ahar Museum

Closely located is the Ahar Museum, which boasts of a rare collection of antiques. The museum is just 150m away from Ahar Cenotaphs and one can easily walk the distance.

You will be mesmerised to find copper and terracotta pottery from 3500 years ago. You can also find sculptures of Hindu gods and ‘Tirthankara’ (Jain Monks) from the 8th to 16th centuries AD. Another key attraction is the metal figure of Lord Buddha of the tenth century and a statue of Vishnu-Nag-Nathan.

Entry Fee and Timings of Ahar Cenotaphs

The Ahar Cenotaphs are open on all days from sunrise to sunset which is mostly from 6 am until 6 pm. However, the Ahar Museum Udaipur timings are from 10 am to 4:30 pm on all days except Fridays and Government holidays, so you might want to plan it accordingly.

Best way to plan a visit to this tourist attraction is by opting for a 1 Day Udaipur Local Sightseeing Tour by Private Cab. For those who are looking forward to staying in Udaipur for multiple days and exploring the city, check out all-inclusive Udaipur tour packages with hotel stay and cab for sightseeing.

There is no entry fee, meaning no lines, no guides & no commercialisation which is just a cherry on the cake! And the entry fee for Ahar Museum is just Rs. 3 (YES, you read that right).

How to reach Ahar Cenotaphs

One can easily reach here via a bus or an auto. Various local transport is easily available. Or you can even hire a taxi in Udaipur to ensure a swift visit. In case you can’t find Ahar Cenotaphs on Google Maps, you can use the location of Ahar Museum since both of them are located very closeby.

The distance from various popular landmarks are:

  • Udaipur Railway Station: 5.4km
  • Maharana Pratap Airport:19 km 
  • Udaipur City Palace: 5.2 km
  • Lake Pichola: 6.1 km

All in all history / architectural buffs and anybody who is looking for peace & calm can surely spend a splendid time here. So, go ahead and add this to your itinerary of “Top 10 Udaipur Tourist Places” you need to see despite the fact that most tourist guides might say against it!

Like said by Sir George Eliot “Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them.” These Cenotaphs of Ahar are keeping the Mighty Rulers of Mewar alive!