Kodaikanal : A honeymooners’ heaven!

Imagine spending some relaxed moments amidst mesmerising sceneries.Think of being caressed by cool refreshing breeze as you take a walk across beautiful landscape. Isn’t all this creates a perfect picture of summer retreat? And a romantic one too!

Kodaikanal is the place that offers every couple with an exceptional romantic as well as a soothing environment. Unlike other hill stations, this “Princess of Hill stations” is less crowded and presents enough seclusion for couples to spend some quality time in each other’s company.

On one hand, the serenity of Kodai Lake let couples enjoy some refreshing moments as they watch sunset on a relaxed Shikara ride while on the other hand, adventurous trekking routes present them with some thrilling moments. Kodaikanal, with its wide range of options, is a hill station that suits all kinds of couples and honeymooners.

From temples to museums to caves to waterfalls to parks to lakes to trekking routes to adventure sports to viewpoints to dense pine forest, you can wish for anything. And Kodaikanal might just offer you that!

With a literal meaning of “The Gift of Forest”, Kodaikanal in actual terms presents a naturally rich setting where one can interact with the most refreshing form of nature.

Once in Kodaikanal, there are few things which no couples should miss. Watching the silver stream of water flowing down to the earth and just hearing the sound of excited water drops touching rocks below. The activity is exciting and soothingly romantic at the same time.

Having a walk with your loved one across Coakers Walk is also must. Go for cycling early in morning and enjoy the natural charm of the place. A ride on the Shikara at Kodai Lake is also quite romantic. The view of the valley from Suicide Point is also worth watching.

With a temperature that varies from 11°C to 20°C during Summer, Kodaikanal presents a cosy romantic environment for all the couples. If planning for a trip, try visiting the hill station is from April to June and September to October. Homemade chocolates, marshmallows and cheese made by locals here are few of the things which must have some place in your bags back home.

There are umpteen number of accommodation options as well for couples to choose from, offering specific services to honeymooners.


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