Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve (Timings, Entry Fee, Safari Online Booking & How to Reach)

Located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh state and spread across the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara, Pench Tiger Reserve has been named after the River Pench which flows in the park from north to south. Spread across an area of 292.85 sq. km, the Pench National Park was created in the year of 1983 and the Pench Sanctuary created in 1977. It was declared a tiger reserve in the year of 1992. Pench Tiger Reserve is the 19th Reserve to come under the Project Tiger.

The Pench Tiger Reserve has gained popularity not just now but has been quite popular in various form of literature in previous centuries as well. For instance, in the books by famous naturalists Captain J. Forsyth and Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book in the 19th and early 20th century, the flora and fauna along with the landscape of the area has been described in detail.

Flora @ Pench Tiger Reserve

The main typed forests in the region are South Indian Tropical moist deciduous, Southern tropical dry deciduous teak bearing forests and southern dry mixed deciduous forest.

Some of the main species found here are Teak, Ghont, Baranga, Amaltas, Kihamali, Khair, Bhirra, Palas, Moyan, Mahua, Mokha, Skiras, Tendu, Bija, Achar, Garari and Aonla, Bhaman, and Bamboo.

Fauna @ Pench Tiger Reserve

The reserve boasts of the highest density of herbivores in the country. Along with tigers, other animals that can be spotted here are Leopard, Jungle Cat, Leopard Cat, Striped Hyena, Wild Dog, Wolf, Common Mongoose, Sloth Bear, Pangolin, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Blue Bull, Wild Pig, Gaur etc.

The reserve has almost 50 species of fishes, 10 amphibians, 30 species of reptiles along with 45 kinds of butterflies and numerous kinds of insects. Reptiles such as fresh water crocodile, Indian Chameleon, Common Krait, Indian Rock Python, Cobra, Peninsular black turtle; Indian Flap Shell Turtle, etc. can be seen here. Some species of fish found here are Padhan, Jhunda, Sanbal, Chalar, Dadai, Mahur, Kunda, Mrigal, Rohu, Calbasu and Mahasir etc.

The reserve also offers amazing bird watching opportunities with close to 290 species of resident and migratory birds. Some of the avian fauna found here are Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Osprey, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, White-eyed Buzzard, Brahmini Duck, Pochards, Barheaded Geese, Coots, vultures white-rumped, long billed, white scavenger and king vulture, etc.

Best time to visit Pench Tiger Reserve

The best time to visit the reserve is during the months of October to June.

Reaching Pench Tiger Reserve

  • By air: The nearest airport is located at Nagpur which is approximately 120 km away. Jabalpur which is 200 km away is another near-by airport to the reserve.
  • By rail: The nearest rail head is situated at Seoni which is 30 km away from the reserve. The city of Nagpur which is well connected to cities like Delhi and Mumbai is quite close by and just 2 hours away from the reserve via road. Another nearby option can be Jabalpur railway station.
  • By road: One can access Pench via Nagpur – Jabalpur Highway. Local taxis make for a good transportation option. There are many buses available from Nagpur as well. If interested tourists can opt for their own vehicle or hire vehicles and travel at their own pace and comfort.

Accommodation @ Pench Tiger Reserve

There are various kinds of options available for accommodation in and around the reserve. Some of these are Heaven’s Garden resort, Tiger Corridor Resort, Mowgli’s Den Wildlife Resort, Pench Jungle Camp, Baghvan Jungle Camp, Mahua Vann Resort, Tiger Valley Resort, Jungle Home Resort, etc.