Best Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kozhikode

Nestled between the sparkling waters of Arabian Sea and the rich greenery of Wayanad hill, Kozhikode does create an ideal holiday destination. Kozhikode also called Calicut is a beautiful city situated in the northern part of Kerala.

Kozhikode is a historically important place which was known as the ‘City of Spices’ during the middle ages. There are so many historically important places to visit in and around Kozhikode.

Kozhikode is one of the must visit destinations in Kerala with numerous beautiful locations distributed in and around the city. It promises a perfect location for a relaxed weekend getaway from Bangalore and other nearby cities.

Kozhikode beach is the perfect place to relax and watch the magnificent sight of sunset. It’s a favorite spot of both locals and tourists and also one of the most popular beaches in South India. Mananchira Square, the landmark of Kozhikode, a wonderful park and a water tank in the heart of the city is an amazing sight. Pazhassi Raja Museum & Art Gallery with a great collection of paintings is a favorite spot for art lovers.

S M street, a shopping and commercial lane north to Mananchira, an eco-friendly park called Sarovaram built in traditional style, Samoothiri Tower, Tali Siva Temple are some other places which add elegance to the beauty and culture of Kerala.

Other interesting places in Kozhikode include Spice market and Beypore, situated on the banks of river Chaliyar, which is an ancient centre for making and exporting vessels. It is still one of the most attractive places and oldest port of India. Kozhikode will never disappoint you. The city gives a warm welcome to all.

Visiting Kozhikode, a popular tourist destination in South India with all the natural and manmade wonders will be an unforgettable experience for one and all.

Kozhikode Beach

The natural beauty and serenity of Kozhikode beach is unparalleled, making it an ideal place to spend your evenings. It is located 1.5 km away from the main city and 1 km from the railway station. Kozhikode beach is a favourite spot of sunset viewers. 

The charm of the old lighthouse and almost 125 years old sea piers extending inside the sea are special attractions of the beach. It is also the venue for the famous Malabar Mahotsavam which is organised every year. 

The Children’s Park and food joints nearby make this beach a favourite family hangout as well. The sight of gentle waves, fishermen with their small rowing boat, the touch of sea breeze make your evening a pleasant experience.

Kappad Beach

Kappad beach is a historically significant beach, situated at a distance of 16 km from Kozhikode city. It is one of the most visited beaches in Kerala. The unspoilt and unexplored beauty of this rock studded beach is an amazing sight to visit. Surrounded with palm trees and a crystalline sandy shore, this beach is a place worth visiting.

This beach is historically important for being the place where Vasco Da Gama, the first Portuguese traveller landed. A stroll across the beach is a refreshing experience. There are many wonderful resorts near Kappad Beach.


Beypore, one of the oldest ports of India is situated 11 km away from the city. This beautiful historically important port is situated on the banks of Chaliyar River. The shore is laced with coconut trees, and shimmering golden sand lets you relax amid the best of scenic beauty.

The significance of Beypore is its traditional ship building yard where the famous shipping vessel, URU is built, which has been a mode of transportation on the high seas for ages. This ancient centre of making and exporting vessels is still a popular tourist attraction of Kozhikode. This historically important place is definitely worth a visit.

The ride on the Pulimoodu bridge, which is around two kilometres long, is another major attraction here. 

Dolphin’s Point

Dolphin’s point is another popular sightseeing attraction in Kozhikode. This spot offers you the exciting sight of dolphins playing in the sea. You can see the dolphins during early morning hours. Other two attractive places located near the dolphin point are Lions Club Park and lighthouse. It is near the beach and is only 2 km away from the city’s centre.

Mananchira Square

Mananchira Square, a man-made fresh water lake situated in the heart of the city is an amazing tourist attraction in Calicut. Mananchira Square is surrounded by splendid temples, churches and traditional architectural designs of homes. It is also an open ground that is carpeted with green grass, a musical fountain and theatre. This beautiful structure at the centre of the city attracts many visitors.

The Mananchira Maidan, built around the Mananchira Lake is sure to leave you mesmerised. The Mananchira Tank/ Mana Vikraman Tank is another historical  construction to explore here. This well maintained tank used to be the primary source of water for the royals. Mananchira Square is a unique mix of nature and art which mustn’t be missed once in Kozhikode.

Canoli canal

One among the west coast canal network of Kerala, Canoli Canal is another sightseeing place in Kozhikode that deserves exploring. Built by R. Canolly, former collector of Malabar, it is created by merging the rivers and streams so as to have waterways from Kozhikode to Kochi. Its construction was completed in 1848 and it served as a trading port till 1950. When visiting Canoli Canal, opt for a boat ride to explore it better.

Kallai or Kallayi River

Located in Thekkepuram, Kallai, the Kallai River is an integral part of Kozhikode sightseeing. Originating at Cherikkulathur in the magnificent Western Ghats, from an altitude of 45 feet, this river is equally breath-taking. One of the smallest rivers of Kerala, it flows for around 40 km, covering the areas of Kovur, Cherukulathur and Olavanna.

Kallai River’s journey from Western Ghats ends at the Lakshadweep Sea, also known as Laccadive Sea, which is Asia’s second largest timber trading route. It is also connected by two canals- Beypore Kallai Canala and the Elathur Kallai Canal.

Thikkoti Light House

Located in the Thikkoti village, the Thikkoti Light House is another place to visit which promises stunning scenic views. This picturesque scenery of vast Ocean with a rock shoreline embracing it, is worth capturing. 

From the lighthouse you can see the Velliyamkallu Rock and admire the migratory birds that flock to this place. This transit home of a wide variety of migratory birds makes it a popular place among bird watchers and photography enthusiasts. The area surrounding the light house is also bestowed with the best of nature; you will see a vast green spread of palm plantations and coconut trees on one side and the blue waters of the sea on the other.

Sargaalaya Kerala Arts and Crafts Village

Spread over 20 acres of lands, Sargaalaya Kerala Arts and crafts village was established in 2011. Since then, it has been entertaining visitors as well as spreading awareness about Kerala’s rich art and culture heritage. The alluring backwaters of Iringal makes a trip to this village even more memorable.

Located on the Sargalaya Rd in Iringal village, this Arts and crafts village can be reached via taxis or auto rickshaws. One can also travel via state operated buses that run regularly till this arts and crafts village. It is around 8 km from Vatakara in Kozhikode. Sargaalaya Kerala Arts & Crafts Village timings are from 10 AM to 8 PM and is open on all days of the week.

Regional Science Centre and Planetarium

Another popular place to visit Kozhikode, especially if you are travelling with children, is the Regional Science centre and Planetarium, also known as Calicut Planetarium. The Kozhikode planetarium has a capacity to seat 250 people.

Built in 1997, this science centre hosts an impressive number of exhibitions and shows, around 1200 shows are conducted annually at the science centre and planetarium. It has a 3D theatre too along with science exhibition galleries. The centre also houses an aquarium and an etymology section, named as the Giants of Nature.

Located in the JaffarKhan Colony, near New Bus Stand, it is easily accessible. Calicut Planetarium timings are from 10.30 AM to 6.30 PM and it is open on all days of the week. Once at the Regional Science Centre, do not miss the 3D show which is held at 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM and 5 PM. The planetarium show is also worth attending; its timings are 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM and 6 PM.

Sarovaram Bio Park

Sarovaram Bio Park is unlike any other park you would have visited. Built to conserve the wetlands and mangroves of Kozhikode, this park is spread over an impressive 200 acres of land. Bestowed with breath-taking scenic beauty it offers an organic experience of nature. It has bird habitats, butterfly park, aquarium, otter park, musical fountain and an open air theatre.

The facility of boating and the innumerable walkways is sure to make your visit to this park enjoyable. Canoli Canal, connecting Korapuzha and Kayalli rivers is located nearby and can be explored on the same visit. Sarovaram Bio Park is located on the Mini Bypass Rd, Kottooli and is open for visitors from 9 AM to 8 PM on all days of the week.

Malabar Botanical Garden and Institute of Plant Sciences

Spread across an area of 40 acres with 15 acres of marshy land, Malabar Botanical Garden is one of the best botanical gardens in India. It is home to many rare aquatic plant species and has three greenhouses which have been built to conserve its wide variety of flora, ranging from primitive plants to medicinal plants. It has a butterfly garden in addition to a star forest and medicinal garden.

Once at the Malabar Botanical Garden and Institute of Plant Sciences, you can easily explore varied plants as the gardens are systematically organised based on taxonomic classification. A number of seminars and workshops are also conducted at the institute. Located at Pokkunnu Pandirakavu road, near Guruvayurappan College, Pokkunnu, it opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM on all days of the week except public holidays.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird sanctuary is a haven for migratory birds. This Bird Sanctuary is located at a distance of around 22 km from Kozhikode. Various kinds of migratory birds flock from the month of November and return only by the end of April. This sanctuary is home to more than 60 species of migratory birds along with around 100 native bird species.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is located amid the islands on the River Kadalundi, making it a sight to behold. The view of the River and the Arabian Sea that it offers along with the freshness of vast greenery, make a trip to this sanctuary a must on a Kozhikode tour.

Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Stunning beauty of Peruvannamuzhi Dam (Kuttiyadi Dam) is something one cannot miss when in Kozhikode. Built over the Kuttiyadi River, Peruvannamuzhi it is located in the Chakkittapara Grama Panchayat which is near Perambra town. Opened in 1973, this dam is a part of the Kuttiadi irrigation project.

A popular picnic location, it is surrounded by hills and offers an ideal setting for relaxation. Facilities for boating (speed and row boat cruises) are also offered at the reservoir. In addition to this, there is also a bird sanctuary, crocodile farm, Smaraka Thottam (a garden built in the honour of freedom fighters) and a few uninhabited islands. It is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Kakkayam Dam

Located at Koorachundu, Kakkayam Dam is yet another sightseeing place in Kozhikode that flaunts scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere. A sought after picnic spot, this dam also offers ample choices for activities. Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary is located nearby and is home to an extensive species of flora and fauna including elephants and bison. 

Boating is another activity that you shouldn’t miss. You can spot various waterfalls and thick forests while boating here. Urakkuzhi waterfall is a famous waterfall which is located nearby. The hanging bridge nearby is equally alluring too. Trekking around the dam, especially till the waterfall is ideal for those seeking adventure.

Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery

Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery situated in Kozhikode city is a popular attraction among historians and art lovers. The Art Gallery close to the museum has paintings of the legendary Kerala’s artist Raja Ravi Varma.

This museum holds an attractive collection of mural paintings, antique bronzes, ancient coins, models of temples, umbrella stones, dolmenoid cists (quadrangular burial chambers with capstones), and similar megalithic monuments.

Earlier known as East Hill Bungalow, this  museum and the art gallery were renamed after the great Ruler Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma of the Padinjare Kovilakom. It opens from 10 AM to 5 PM on all days except Mondays and public holidays. It charges a minimal entry of Rs. 20 per person.

Krishna Menon Museum

Krishna Menon Museum lying close to Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery is another wonderful place to visit in Kozhikode. The museum holds many historically important things and beautiful art works, including the paintings by renowned painters such as Raja Raja Varma and Raja Ravi Varma.

The section of mural paints and stone sculpture is a major attraction here. In 1975, this museum was established in the honour of the revered leader V.K Krishna Menon and displays many of his personal possessions. Located on Kendriya Vidyalaya Rd in East Hill, it opens from 10 AM to 5 PM and remains closed on Mondays.

Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Thusharagiri waterfalls is a popular waterfall situated 50 km east of Kozhikode. Cuddled in the western ghats, the gurgling waterfalls of Thusharagiri is a refreshing experience. Two streams originating from the western ghats meet to form the river Chalippuzha.

The river diverges into three waterfalls, which leads to the name Thusharagiri”. These three waterfalls on the backdrop of the western ghats provide a stunning sight to the viewers. The cool atmosphere and gentle spray of waterfalls is a soothing experience. 

Of the three, the highest waterfall is the Thenpara that falls from an altitude of 75 meters. Along with gaping at the astonishing view, you can also try activities like trekking and rock-climbing. The trek to the Lakkidi Ghat from here is especially exciting and popular among seasoned trekkers.

Kozhippara Falls

One of the popular waterfalls in Kerala, Kozhippara Falls is worth visiting for its exceptional scenic beauty. Also known as Kakkadampoyil Waterfall, it is located near Kakkadampoyil in Koodaranhi panchayat. This waterfall is sure to surprise you with a calming atmosphere, dense forest and misty surroundings. 

Kozhippara Falls is now a famous picnic spot where visitors can not only relax amid its refreshing beauty but also go for activities like trekking, rock climbing and swimming. The lush greenery around and the rich flora and fauna makes the activities all the more exciting.

Lokanarkavu Temple

The serene Lokanarkavu Temple, 5 km from Vadakara, is situated in Kozhikode district. This temple complex has three temples, dedicated to Goddess Durga-the main deity, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It is one of the best temples to visit in South India and only Hindus are allowed to enter the temple. 

There is an attractive collection of paintings in the Shiva Temple. These paintings are replicated in wooden carvings at the entrance. The water tank in the middle of the temple also enhances its beauty.

Thali Temple

One of the oldest temples in Kozhikode, Thali Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has a two feet long Shivalinga which is highly revered among devotees, who visit to offer prayers and seek blessings. Constructed in the Kerala architectural style, this temple is located near Mananchira square.

Mishkal Masjid

Mishkal Masjid is undeniably one of the popular places to visit in Kozhikode. Located on Bavutty haji Rd, Kuttichira, this mosque is four storeyed and presents a stunning architecture. The intricate carvings on its wooden pillars and doors draw the attention and admiration of believers and art enthusiasts alike. The flooring covered in Italian tiles is another captivating feature of this mosque.

Mother of God Cathedral

Mother of God Cathedral, built in 1513 by the Portuguese is a place not only for devotees but also for every history and architecture admirer. Renovated in 1724, this church presents a beautiful amalgamation of Italian architecture and Indian craft. The portrait of Mother Mary in this cathedral is said to be more than 200 years old.

One of the popular religious sites to visit in Kozhikode, Mother of God Cathedral is located on the convent road, Mananchira. It is open every day from 7 AM to 5 PM. The cemetery next to it has the tombstone of Pedro de Covilhany, the first Catholic missionary of Kozhikode.

Muchundi Palli/ Muchundi Mosque

Built in the 13th century, Muchundi Mosque is another prominent religious site in Calicut which is worth visiting. Built in Kerala architectural style, this mosque has a unique structure. Unlike other mosques it doesn’t have domes, minarets and arches, but has a wooden ceiling and double tile roofs.

One can see intricate calligraphy of Quranic verses on the roof along with flower patterns. There is also a stone slab with Arabic inscriptions. This mosque is also known as Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdoom II’s Mosque, who was the author of Tuhfatul Mujahideen.

Valayanad Temple

Built in the 14th century by Zamorins, Valayanad Temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvathy or Bhagvathy. Idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ayyappa, and Lord Vighneswara are also placed in the temple. With Dravidian architectural style, the structure of this temple is different from other temples in the area and hence it is worth seeing.

As per the legend, this temple was built in the honour of Goddess Valayanad Vagabathi, the family deity of Zamorins. It was believed that Zamorins could defeat King Valluva Kolathiri because of the Goddess’ blessings. Hence a temple was built to pay their homage to the deity.  It is located on Valayanad Temple Rd, Govindapuram and is open from 4 AM to 9 PM.