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Best 28 Things to Do in Hyderabad

The capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad is an eclectic blend of culture, cuisine, commerce, and charm. The vibrant city is dotted with iconic landmarks and cosmopolitan work culture and there are plenty of things to do in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad was founded by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah in the 16th century. Invaded by Mughals and controlled by the British, Hyderabad became a princely state and the capital of the Deccan Kingdom in 1724 and continued to expand.

The city has grown into a hub for information technology companies and is often referred to as Cyberabad. Embracing its glory and heritage, Hyderabad has transformed into a vibrant city bustling with marketplaces, offices, hotels, malls, pubs, restaurants, and multiplexes.

The contrasting confluence offers something for all kinds of travelers. Sipping on Irani chai, you can explore the various landmarks of the city such as the iconic Charminar, Golconda Fort, Salar Jung Museum, and Hussain Sagar Lake.

As you soak in the imperial heritage of the city, the royal cuisine accentuates the experience. Devouring the world-famous biryani is a ritual for anyone who visits the city.

Among the various other interesting things to do in Hyderabad are visiting the Ramoji Film City, Chowmahalla Palace, Birla Planetarium, Lumbini Park, and many more.

Here is a list of must Things to Do in Hyderabad

1. Try Adventure Sports at Flipside Adventure Park

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you need not go anywhere else for trekking or hiking. Located within the city limits, visiting Flipside Adventure Park is the best thing to do in Hyderabad for adventure lovers.

At Flipside Adventure Park, you can break away from your monotonous routine and participate in various adventure activities, sports, entertainment and team building activities. Get ready to have a fun filled time at Flipside with recreation, fun and unparalleled adventure. 

Flipside Adventure Park has three zones namely Adventure Zone, Fun Zone and Sport Zone. At Sport Zone, you can try various sports such as Archery, Futsal, Shooting and Cricket. Adventure Zone offers adrenaline pumping activities such as Go-karting, Rock Climbing, Zip line, Slithering, Free Fall and Rope Course. The Fun zone has activities including Paintball, Freego and Zorbing.

After enjoying all the adventure activities at Flipside Adventure Park, satiate your hunger at the Food Zone that offers lip smacking delicacies.

2. Combine Fitness and Fun at Sky Zone Hyderabad

An indoor trampoline park that is one of its kind, Sky Zone Hyderabad combines fun and physical activity in an unique way. One of the best things to do in Hyderabad for kids, Sky Zone is filled with exciting jump activities and fun choices.

Sky Zone has two branches in Hyderabad, one in Gandipet and another in Kondapur.  The Gandipet facility is spread across 30,000 Sq. ft and has plenty of attractions that include Freestyle Jump, Foam Zone, Drop Zone, SkySlam, SkyLadder, SkyJoust, Warped Wall and many more. The more recent facility at Kondapur is spread across 10000 Sq.ft area.

An absolute favourite among kids, SkyZone is an ideal place for some fun time for the entire family. You can also celebrate birthdays and parties at SkyZone in the party room and other private rooms offered by the facility. SkyZone is the best place in Hyderabad where you can have the 3 F’s – fun, fitness and food at one place.

3. Try Bungee Jumping at District Gravity Adventure Park

Located beside Leonia Resorts, District Gravity Adventure Park is an adventure resort that gives adventure lovers a thrilling experience. The resort offers the tallest fixed crane bungee jump in the whole of India from a height of 200 feet. Bungee Jumping from such a height is the best thing to do in Hyderabad for those who wish to relish an euphoria of thrill and excitement.

Along with Bungee Jumping, Gravity Adventure Park also offers activities like go-karting, paintball, cricket, basketball, and volleyball. For those looking for some fun, the inflatable park here includes fun activities like Bull Ride, Bungee Run, Sumo Wrestling, Meltdown and Human Foosball etc. 

A unique feature of the park is the presence of a multi-activity tower where you can indulge in some rappelling, wall climbing, slithering, and many more such activities. The Park also offers various packages such as Outlander, Ranger, Commando and DareDevil. These packages are quite affordable and you can choose the package depending on the activities you wish to explore.

4. Visit the iconic Charminar

A historical masterpiece, Charminar is the most visited tourist attraction of Hyderabad. This landmark monument is a massive arch built in the year 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutab Shah to mark the end of the plague in Hyderabad.

Located in the heart of Hyderabad, the magnificent structure is a square-shaped mosque with four minarets or turrets. The monument is situated in the heart of the city in the ‘Chudi’ Bazaar or ‘Laad’ market area.

It stands tall as a testimony to the glorious past of Hyderabad. Renowned for its splendid architecture, Charminar is often referred to as ‘Arc de Triomphe of the East’.

Charminar is surrounded by a throbbing marketplace where you can spend an evening gorging on the world-famous Hyderabadi Biryani and sipping Irani tea with Osmania biscuits.

It is a great place to go shopping for glittering bangles, natural pearls, and exotic attar. The vibrant surroundings and impressive Charminar make a stunning background for your holiday pictures.

5. Feel Cinematic at Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is a thematic amusement park with a filmy twist. Located around 30 kilometers from the city on NH-9, it is one of the most popular places to visit in Hyderabad.

Established in 1996 by the Ramoji Group, it holds the Guinness World Records for being the World’s Largest Film Studio Complex. It was the dream project of Ramoji Rao, the eminent Telugu film producer.

Ramoji Rao wanted to build a cinema studio equivalent to Hollywood. With the help of art director Nitish Roy, he set up India’s most glamorous film studio spread across almost 2500 acres.

The studio is equipped with multiple film sets, picturesque locations, the miniatures of prominent monuments from across the country, and comprehensive facilities for pre- and post-production.

There are several sightseeing places in Ramoji Film City to keep you engaged throughout the day. You can take an interesting tour of the celluloid world, stay at the many hotels on the premises, and have an enthralling day at Sahas adventure park with fun activities for the entire family.

6. Relive the glory of Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort is a must-visit heritage site in Hyderabad and one of the best preserved monuments in the region. Built on a hilltop, the fort was built by Bahmani rulers between the 14th to 17th centuries.

The fort allures tourists from across the globe owing to its precise engineering and marvelous architecture. A clap at the Bala Hisar Gate can be heard right on the top of the fort and the Kala Mandir located nearby.

Golconda Fort has been home to the precious Koh-i-Noor diamond, and the mines in the area are renowned for producing rare and popular gems. The world-famed Idol’s Eye, Hope Diamond, Daria-i-Noor, and Koh-i-Noor are some precious diamonds from these mines.

You can look forward to exploring the royal Nagina Gardens, the bodyguard’s barracks, and the Durbar Hall.

Perched at the highest point of the fort, the Durbar Hall offers astounding panoramic views of the twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. You must climb the thousand-step stairway to enjoy the rewarding views of the city all the way up to Charminar.

A stunning light and sound show is hosted on the premises each evening. It depicts the rise of Golconda Fort to glory against the grand backdrop of the Fort.

7. Try Watersports at Hussain Sagar Lake

The largest man-made lake in the country, Hussain Sagar Lake, is among the best places to visit in Hyderabad for a refreshing day amidst nature. The heart-shaped lake was excavated in 1562 by Sufi saint Hussain Shah from a tributary of Musi river during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah.

Connecting Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the lake fulfilled the irrigation needs and water supply to the cities. Renowned as the site of the historical treaty between the Mughals and the Golconda rulers, the lake today is a popular picnic spot among locals and tourists alike.

In the year 1992, a monolithic 16 meters tall statue of Buddha was painstakingly added to the center of the lake, to enhance its charm. The lake is also known as Hyderabad’s hub for water sports.

You can enjoy parasailing, kayaking, canoeing, jet-skiing, yachting, and catamaran rides at the Hyderabad Boat Club near the lake. Hussain Sagar Lake offers something for everyone to enjoy right from boat rides to luxury cruises.

The Yacht Club of India at the lake offers short-term courses for those interested in learning to sail. The annual Regatta (boat race) conducted during monsoons is a grand event luring professionals and contestants from all over the world.

The picturesque surroundings are soul-soothing and ideal for a relaxing day with family and friends.

8. Explore the Salar Jung Museum

India’s third-largest museum, Salar Jung Museum is located at Dar-ul-Shifa on the banks of Musi River. Visiting the museum is one of the most intriguing things to do in Hyderabad for historians and researchers.

The repository is studded with antiques, artworks, books, and manuscripts from Asia, Europe, and Far Eastern countries. It was established in 1951 at the residential palace of the Salar Jung family called the Diwan Devdi.

The exhibits were a rich collection of over one million paintings, sculptures, carvings, artifacts, and manuscripts collected from across the globe. Each of these masterpieces has been specially procured by the state Prime Minister Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, also known as Salar Jung III. Some of them even date back to the first century.

The exhibits were later moved to their current location in 1961 after the museum and its library were declared as an Institution of National Importance by an Act of Parliament.

It is built over a sprawling 10 acres and the exhibits have been laid down across 2 Floors. Artifacts displayed in the museum currently are a small portion of the vast collection owned by Salar Jung III, as most of them were stolen or lost over years and during shifting.

Among the many rare pieces of this valuable collection are – A painting of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Aurangzeb’s sword, the World’s largest collection of Bidri ware, Persian carpets depicting stories of ‘Khusrau’, Shah Jahan’s daggers, and Tipu Sultan’s wardrobe.

You can also witness the priceless sculptures of Veiled Rebecca, Double Statue of Mephistopheles & Margaretta, and a standing statue of Buddha from the 3rd century AD. A musical clock comprising 350 parts, dating back to the 19th century, is a major attraction of the museum.

9. Have a thrilling experience at Wonderla Amusement Park Hyderabad

Keep your adrenaline pumping at Wonderla Amusement Park, a fun filled entertainment park to be visited by the entire family. With amazing water and land rides, a trip to Wonderla is one of the best things to do in Hyderabad with kids.

With around 43 thrilling rides ranging from water, dry, high thrilling rides, family rides and kids rides; Wonderla offers something for every kind of visitor.  It also has provision for Lockers, Dress changing rooms, cloakroom, smoking areas, phone facility, lost and found counter, availability of wheelchairs and prams along with first aid facility.

Enjoy thrilling rides such as Recoil, Maverick, Equinox, or land rides such as Sky Wheel and Crazy Cars. Chill at the water park with rides such as Rain Disco, Boomerang and Pirate Lagoon. If you are visiting with kids, the Kids rides don’t disappoint you with various options such as Kiddies Wheel, Coco Cup and Flying Jumbo.

After a tiring day at the park, you can munch on delicacies offered at the various restaurants and food courts. Serving local as well as international cuisines, these restaurants keep your hunger pangs at bay. 

Make sure to visit it during the winters to enjoy the rides to the maximum and during weekdays to avoid the maddening crowds. 

10. Reimagine the era of Nizams at Purani Haveli

Purani Haveli is a palace deeply connected to the heritage of Hyderabad and is a testimony to the regal culture of the city. The palace was built in the 16th century and was originally the residence of Mir Momen, who was a Peshwa of Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah.

It had been renovated and improvised by the second Nizam of Hyderabad, Asaf Jah II in the 18th century. The palace was then designated to his son, the third Nizam of Hyderabad, Sikandar Jah. He then shifted his residence to Khilaurat Complex and the palace then came to be known as Purani Haveli.

The grandeur of the Purani Haveli is elevated by a blend of Indian and European elements. Housing magnificent artifacts, vintage cars, and the world’s longest wardrobe, the Haveli functions as a museum today.

You can walk through the beautiful U-shaped structure to witness the opulence of the life of Nizams of Hyderabad. A treat for history lovers, the palace houses antiques made of gold and silver and a huge 240 feet long wooden wardrobe with around 150 walk-in cupboards built on two levels.

Among the other fascinating exhibits in the palace is a hand-operated elevator in the royal wardrobe, which leaves visitors amazed at the sumptuousness of Hyderabad’s culture.

11. Witness the regal life at Chowmahalla Palace

A luxurious palace owned by the royal family to date, the Chowmahalla Palace was the administrative center of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. Commissioned by Salabat Jung in 1750, the construction of the palace took more than 100 years and it was completed under the aegis of Afzal ad-Dawlah, the fifth Nizam of Hyderabad.

The opulent palace was the official residence and royal court of the Nizams where festive celebrations, royal weddings, accession ceremonies, and lofty parties were hosted.

The palace is still owned by the royal heir Prince Barkat Ali Khan Mukarram Jah and was restored by his wife Princess Esra from 2005 to 2010. You can visit the palace to witness the grandeur of their regal lifestyle.

The imposing architecture has been magnificently laid down to include two massive courtyards, four palaces (hence the name Chowmahalla which translates to ‘Four Palace’), the Durbar Hall named Khilwat, Shishe-Alat, and Bara Imam.

The delicate carving of the façade, glittering fountains set in lush gardens, and architectural elements derived from Persian, European, Indo-Saracenic, and Rajasthani styles make the palace worth a visit.

Chowmahalla Palace has been honored with UNESCO’s Asia Pacific Merit award in 2010 to recognize its splendor. You can also witness the fleet of vintage cars used by the Nizams, the 250 years old Khilwat clock, and the 19 Belgian chandeliers that add glamor to the palace.

12. Rejuvenate amidst nature at Nehru Zoological Park

Ranked among the best zoos in Asia, Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad is one of the most recommended places to visit in Hyderabad. A nature lover’s paradise, the zoo is home to around 1500 species of unique and rare birds and animals.

Popularly referred to as the Hyderabad Zoo by locals, it is among the largest zoos in India, spread over 380 acres of land near the Mir Alam Lake. It was established in 1959 to rehabilitate, conserve and breed native and endangered species.

The zoo was opened for public viewing in 1963 and has evolved into a popular picnic spot since then. You can enjoy a fun jungle safari as you go through the park spotting Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lion, Bengal Tiger, Indian Elephant, chimpanzees, panthers, pythons, and rhinoceros.

Birdwatching is another engaging activity as the nearby lake is flocked by several indigenous and migratory birds. The zoo also offers custom safaris, including those of Lion, Tiger, and Bear.

Kids can learn about the natural habitat of animals, ride a toy train, visit the Dinosaur Park, enjoy elephant rides at the zoo and boat rides in the nearby Mir Alam tank.

You can spend a fun day at the zoo with your family and learn more about nature at the nocturnal zoo, aquarium, and natural history museum.

13. Go Stargazing at B.M. Birla Planetarium and Science & Technological Museum

One of the most prominent places to visit in Hyderabad, the B.M. Birla Planetarium and Science & Technological Museum is located in the heart of the city on Naubat Pahad. Inaugurated in the year 1985 by Sri N. T. Rama Rao, Birla Planetarium is India’s most advanced planetarium.

Developed with technological help from Japan, this 11,000 square feet large dome-shaped structure houses interactive science exhibits and other engaging activities for visitors of all ages.

Other attractions include an Art gallery, Doll Museums, and Archaeological Galleries. In the year 2000, The Dinosaurium was added to the museum. It lures visitors with a rare fossil of the Kotasaurus, a 160 million years old dinosaur species, and a natural history gallery.

Attending the educational Sky Show conducted at the Sky Theatre is one of the most fun things to do in Hyderabad as you learn about Comets, Planets, Eclipses, and UFOs. The planetarium also runs courses on Astronomy and Astrophysics for science enthusiasts.

14. Unwind at the Durgam Cheruvu Lake

Surrounded by granite rocks, Durgam Cheruvu Lake is a pristine lake near Hi-Tech City. Popularly known as Madhapur Lake, the serene surroundings make it a great spot for family outings and picnics.

Hidden by granite rock formations, which is around 2500 million years old, the lake is also referred to as the ‘Secret Lake’. The lake has a major historical significance, as it is believed to have been the source of water for Golconda Fort.

It has recently become a popular weekend getaway for residents of Hyderabad and is also a great place for spry family gatherings. The visitors enjoy picturesque views of the lake as they unwind in its calmness away from the bustle of the city.

Recently the lake has been bedecked with an artificial waterfall and a floating fountain. You can enjoy a spectacular sunset, enjoy a boat ride or go on impromptu hikes on your trip to the lake.

15. Get mesmerized by the stunning Qutub Shahi Tombs

Located near Golconda Fort, the Qutub Shahi Tombs were planned and built by the Qutub Shahi rulers themselves. There are 21 magnificent dome-shaped granite tombs dedicated to the Golconda Rulers. They are also renowned as the oldest historical monuments in Hyderabad.

The tombs are built near the Banjara Darwaza of the Golconda Fort, amid verdant gardens called Ibrahim Bagh. They have resplendent arches, columns, dome minarets, mosques, and galleries.

Their architecture is influenced by Persian, Pathan, and Hindu architectural styles. The tombs are built on raised platforms in quadrangle shape using gray granite. The entire Qutub Shahi dynasty has been buried in one place in these stucco ornamented tombs, making them one-of-their-kind in the world.

The finest tomb is the one that belongs to Mohammed Quli, the founder of Hyderabad. It is an impressive 42-meters-tall structure furnished with soft canopies on silver poles and chandeliers. You will marvel at the finesse of these exquisite structures as you walk through the lush gardens and watch them against the backdrop of the Golconda Fort.

16. Have a Royal stay at Taj Falaknuma Palace

Built on a hill at a height of around 2000 feet at Engine Bowli in Falaknuma, the Falaknuma Palace is a majestic attraction of Hyderabad. Overlooking the city, it offers resplendent views of the cityscape.

This luxurious palace was built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra over a sprawling 32 acres. Construction was started in 1884 and was completed in 9 years. An epitome of grandeur, the palace has been constructed using Italian marble and is referred to as the “mirror of the sky”.

To add to the elegance of the palace, it is surrounded by Mughal, Japanese, and Rajasthani themed gardens. Nizam VI purchased the palace in 1897 to use it as a royal guest house.

Today, the palace has been transformed into a 5-star heritage hotel managed by the Taj Group, making it the best place to stay in Hyderabad. You can have a luxurious holiday experience at the hotel equipped with modern amenities for your convenience.

A regal welcome in a carriage and personalized attention to detail makes each moment of your stay at the Taj Falaknuma Palace memorable. The royal ambiance has been preserved to give you a grand experience accompanied by world-class service and a host of complimentary activities.

The main attractions of the palace are the Grand marble staircase, a huge library, and a unique collection of the Holy Quran. The dining hall houses a rosewood dining table with a capacity of seating 101 diners at a time.

The Nizam’s treasured collections of Jade, rare paintings, furniture, manuscripts, and books have also been well preserved in the respective rooms. You can also request a single-day tour of the palace to catch a glimpse of the majestic palace and imagine the regal lifestyle of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

17. Buy Bangles at Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar is the oldest shopping place to visit in Hyderabad. It is a historic marketplace located near the Charminar and is the perfect place to buy souvenirs during your Hyderabad trip.

The market is popular for its lacquer bangles studded with sparkling and colorful artificial stones, hence its name ‘Laad Bazaar’. This 200-year-old dazzling market has been the bridal shopping spot since the days of Qutub Shahi rulers and the Nizams.

This one-kilometer long shopping strip is lined with shops selling a wide variety of bangles, jewelry, bridal dresses, bangles, and other traditional wedding items at reasonable rates.

You can pick traditional Khara dupattas, Bidri ware, natural pearls, silverware, Kalamkari paintings, silk, and other embroidered fabrics. To get the best deals on all these items, you must bargain to the stretch.

18. Chill at Snow World

Snow World is the first snow-themed amusement park in India and is the third-largest of its kind in the world. Built by Nitish Roy at a cost of around INR 20 million, the park is popular among locals and tourists alike as it offers fun attractions to spend a day amid the snow.

The park is built over an area of 2 acres and advanced air cooling systems are used to maintain a temperature ranging from 20°C to -5°C. The unique design of the park gradually acclimatizes visitors to the temperature drop.

To maintain hygiene at the Snow World, pollutant-free snow is produced using filtered water, and the top layer is refreshed every day by adding 3 tons of fresh snow.

You can enjoy fun activities such as ice skating, ice boarding, snow volleyball, ice sculpting, snow slides with bumping-car, toboggan rides, and many more at the park.

Warm clothes including jackets, shoes, socks, gloves, and ice-skating equipment are provided to visitors. The amusement park offers respite from the scorching heat of the city and is the perfect place to spend a day filled with thrill and adventure.

19. Delve into traditional village life at Shilparamam

Located 14 kilometers from the heart of the city, Shilparamam in Madhapur is a traditional crafts village set up in 1992 over around 65 acres of land. Visiting this ethnic village theme-based establishment is an offbeat thing to do in Hyderabad.

The complex conserves rustic village life and preserves traditional crafts. It is an ode to the rich cultural heritage of India and provides a platform for craftsmen, artisans, and performers to showcase their talent.

It is idyllically set amidst cascading waterfalls and lush greenery to add a dash of nature. The picturesque landscape and homely village vibe offer visitors an ideal unwinding spot away from the bustle of the city.

Specific pavilions with regional exhibits represent various states and artforms of the country. Additionally, Shilparamam houses a cultural museum, crafts museum, rock museum, rural museum, art gallery, library, and a recreational area.

You can flaunt your bargaining skills as you shop for amazing hand-crafted products from across the country. Enjoy shopping for traditional jewelry, home décor items, saris, shawls, dresses, fabrics, bedsheets, wooden handicrafts, and metal wares.

20. Seek blessings at Chilkur Balaji Temple

Chilkur Balaji Temple is located in the quaint Chilkur village around 30 kilometers from the city. This 500-year-old temple is situated on the banks of the Osman Sagar Lake, near the Vikarabad Road.

The temple is revered by locals and pilgrims from neighboring areas visit it regularly in the hope of getting their wishes fulfilled. The presiding deity is Lord Balaji Venkateswara, along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi.

Chilkur Balaji temple is venerated equivalent to the Tirumala temple and as per local belief, anyone who wishes to travel abroad will be able to do so within a year of making a wish at the temple. Locals popularly refer to the temple as “Visa Balaji Temple”, and students and IT professionals offer prayers at the temple to get their Visa applications accepted.

It is also the oldest temple in Telangana, and monetary donations are not accepted from devotees. Instead, according to the faith of the temple, devotees make a wish after offering 11 Pradakshinas (walking around the deity in the clockwise direction).

Once their wishes are fulfilled, the devotees return to the temple to offer 108 Pradakshinas. Approximately around 75 thousand to 1 lakh devotees visit the temple every week. Visiting the Chilkur Balaji temple to seek the blessings of Visa Balaji is a spiritual thing to do in Hyderabad.

21. Spend a fun-filled day at Inorbit Mall

Inorbit Mall in Madhapur is the city’s oldest mall and a shopper’s paradise. Replete with the biggest branded stores to local marvels, the mall offers a variety of options for everyone, including men, women, kids, and the elderly.

You can pick your favorites from luxury shops such as Swarovski, Kompanero, Ancient Living, Innisfree, and affordable stores like Miniso. The mall offers a holistic experience beyond shopping with a wide variety of fun and entertainment activities to make your day special.

You can try gaming at Smaaash, have an unusual dining experience at Dialogue In The Dark, rejuvenate at Envi Salon & Spa, catch the latest release at PVR, satiate your taste buds at The Food Court, and keep your kids engaged at Fun City.

22. Catch a cultural performance at Taramati Baradari

Taramati Baradari is located in Ibrahim Bagh on Gandipet Road. It is an ancient cultural stadium and a beautiful historical monument of Hyderabad. Built on a hilltop, this semi-circular structure is an architectural marvel and was home to the legendary sisters Taramathi and Premamathi.

The extremely talented sisters were dancers and courtesans of Abdullah Qutub Shah, the 7th Sultan of Golconda. They used to perform at the Taramati Gana Mandir and the Premathi Nritya Mandir.

The brilliant acoustic planning of the monument ensured the sound reached all the way to the Golconda Fort. Today the monument is a Centre for classical music performances and houses an art gallery too.

Taramati Baradari is the perfect place for lovers of performing arts and classical music to spend a refreshing weekend. The cultural complex consists of a large open-air theatre with a seating capacity of 1,600.

The complex also has a conference room, banquet hall, business center, and multi-cuisine restaurant. You can also stay at this legendary complex at the verdant Haritha Resort maintained by the Telangana Tourism Department controlled by the Government of Telangana.

Equipped with modern amenities and state-of-the-art architecture, the resort offers a comfortable stay amidst nature and offers a multi-cultural experience for a truly heritage holiday.

23. Experience Thrill at Mount Opera Theme Park Resort

Mount Opera Theme Park Resort is around 38 kilometers from the city on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway. It is the largest amusement park and among the most entertaining places to visit in Hyderabad.

Built over an area of around 55 acres, it is a theme-based amusement park offering thrilling rides, fun gaming zones, and exciting swings like Ferris wheel and Columbus.

The water park is equipped with slides, a wave pool, and a Rain Dance platform. The park also has an indoor play area where you can enjoy table tennis, carrom, chess, and many more engaging games.

Ideal for visitors of all ages, Mount Opera theme park has a fun zone for kids too. The Kids Paradise offers roller slides, climbers, swings, and a Dinosaur area. The virtual gaming zone is another section that keeps visitors engaged throughout the day. After a fun-filled day, you can dance the night away at the in-house discotheque playing peppy numbers.

24. Soothe your senses at Hyderabad Botanical Garden

Situated in Madhapur, Hyderabad Botanical Garden is a natural reserve for the indigenous flora and fauna of the region. Located near the urban locality of Hi-tech City, the garden offers a tranquil spot amidst the city chaos. The Botanical Garden is among the most serene places to visit in Hyderabad for those seeking respite from their routine life.

The park boasts of nearly 600 species of plants including a wide variety of shrubs, fruit trees, palm trees, bamboos, flowering plants such as yellow and purple, blue Salvia, red Roselia, medicinal herbs, and aquatic plants.

It has been set up within the Kothaguda Reserve Forest to conserve rare species of plants and preserve them in their natural habitat. The sprawling 120 acres of lush greenery is soul-soothing and a great place for nature walks. The picturesque location is inhabited by several local and migratory birds, making it a bird watcher’s paradise.   

25. Marvel at the magnificence of Mecca Masjid

Commissioned in 1614, Mecca Masjid is the oldest and largest mosque of Hyderabad. Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty, had laid the foundation of the mosque. However, the construction was completed in 1694.

As per belief, the soil of the Holy Land of Mecca was used to make the arch embellishments over the main sanctum, hence the name of the ‘Makkah Masjid’. This 75 feet tall, imposing structure is intricately designed and is a delightful sight to behold.

The revered shrine also safely houses a sacred relic of Prophet Muhammad in a separate room. It is among the four main heritage points of Hyderabad, the other three being – Charminar, Laad Bazaar, and Chowmahalla Palace.

The grand mosque can accommodate around 10,000 people at any given time and is only accessible by followers of the Islam religion.

26. Rekindle your imagination at Sudha Cars Museum

One of the unique places to visit in Hyderabad, Sudha Cars Museum is the World’s only handmade car museum. This one-of-its-kind private museum was established in 2010 by the famed Guinness World Record holder Mr. Kanyaboyina Sudhakar.

He holds a record for creating the largest tricycle in the world and has displayed an extensive range of hand made cars created by him. The cars have been uniquely designed and most of them resemble everyday objects.

The place is perfect for car lovers and creative minds as most of the cars are shaped in unimaginable forms including desktop, camera, ball, book, eraser, condom, and even the Coronavirus. All exhibits have a descriptive plaque stating the technical details about them. Driving these bizarre cars is the best thing to do in Hyderabad.

27. Shop til you drop at Begum Bazaar

Begum Bazaar is the 150-year-old shopping hub of Hyderabad. The market gets its name from the belief that it is built on the land gifted to the city’s merchants by Humda Begum, the wife of Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad.

It is the wholesale market for shopaholics proficient at haggling. Primarily the market is renowned for selling the best and widest variety of tobacco, but you can buy almost everything you might ever need at Begum Bazaar.

You can shop for traditional handicrafts, crockery, home accessories, cosmetics, gold and silver ornaments, brassware, exotic dry fruits, spices, and much more. The narrow lanes and petite stores are bustling throughout the week and remind shoppers of an era bygone.

28. Stroll along Necklace Road

One of the most prominent places to visit in Hyderabad, Necklace Road allows visitors to catch a glimpse of the imperious city. Designed like a necklace, this 3-kilometer long stretch is ideal for a walk through the major sightseeing spots of Hyderabad.

The road connects NTR Gardens, Lumbini Park, and Sanjeevaiah Park, providing the perfect hangout spot by the lakeside. You can stroll along the Necklace Road enjoying the lush greenery and scenic beauty that calms the mind.

Owing to its popularity among locals and tourists, the road now hosts an array of recreational activities for kids and adults. You can gorge on the delicious street food of Hyderabad at the roadside stalls and eateries along the Necklace Road.  

Other Things to do in Hyderabad

Offering the best of both worlds, Hyderabad treats you with its age-old charm in the old city side and a cosmopolitan hep culture in the Cyberabad side. Renowned as the “Best Heritage City of India” the city hosts several structures of historical importance.

Visiting the Paigah Tombs, Damri Masjid, Spanish Mosque, Khammam Fort, and Malwala Palace to dig deeper into the city’s history is among the other interesting things to do in Hyderabad.

Beyond the historical past, the city also has a host of entertainment places catering to the young and vivacious crowd of Hyderabad. Wild Waters, Leo Splash, and Elles World are a few places perfect for an enthralling weekend.

Hyderabad’s cuisine is testimony to its regal culture. The confluence of South Indian, Mughlai, and Nawabi flavors, presents a lip-smacking menu for foodies. 

Local favorites include Hyderabadi Biryani, Pathar ka Gosht, Nahari, Haleem, Kebabs, Khubani ka Meetha, Double ka Meetha, Mirchi ka Salan, Falooda, and Irani Chai. Street food lovers must-try Kachori, Mirchi Bajji, Keema Samosa, Lukhmi, and Dahi Puri to get a taste of Hyderabad’s gastronomic feast.  


Strongly influenced by its majestic past, Hyderabad has a strong Islamic influence in its culture, food, and the way life happens in the city every day. The city has welcomed people from across the country and has paced to become one of the ‘most livable cities of India’.

The way Hyderabad has grown to become a cyber hub while retaining its traditional values is noteworthy. Travelers from across the world explore the city’s colorful past and commercial future through its glorious architecture, aromatic marketplaces, flamboyant eateries, sleek clubs, and impressive commercial centers. 

You can look forward to a rich holiday experience in the city with a horde of interesting things to explore in Hyderabad for all types of tourists.