Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa Tiger Reserve (Timings, Entry Fee, Safari Online Booking & How to Reach)

Located on the border of Bangladesh in the western part of Mizoram State, Dampa Tiger Reserve with its rich fauna, exotic fauna and mesmerising natural settings increases the charm of north east. The lower reaches is consisted of valleys and runs along three rivers namely Keisalam, Seling and Aivapui which later drain into the River Khawthlagtuipui. Spread across an area of 550 sq. km, Dampa was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year of 1978. In the year of 1994, it was declared as Dampa tiger reserve.

Flora @ Dampa Tiger Reserve

The main kinds of forests in the reserve are Tropical evergreen, Semi-evergreen forests, Tropical moist deciduous forests and Sub Montane type. The lower part of the area has moist deciduous forests and evergreen bamboo forests while the semi-evergreen forest along with grasslands is found in the upper reaches of the reserve.

Most commonly found species of trees here are Simal, Mesua ferrea, White Cedar, Cedrela toona, Agarwood, Indian Rubber, Bamboo, etc.. Various kinds of orchids and cane grass are also found in abundance here.

Fauna @ Dampa Tiger Reserve

Along with Tigers, the reserve boasts of other animals like Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Wild dog, Sambar, Barking Deer, Gaur (Indian Bison), Sloth bear, Hoolock gibbon, Porcupine, Slow loris, Jungle cat, Pangolin, Black Bear, Giant squirrel, Common Langur, Rhesus macaque, Wild boar, Otter, Elephant, Serow, Binturong, Flying squirrel, etc.

Reptiles including Python, King Cobra, Monitor lizard, Hill Tortoise, etc. can also be spotted. The area has rich population of avian fauna as well. Some of the birds that can be spotted here are Great Indian hornbill, Malabar pied hornbill, Peacock pheasant, Red jungle fowl, Crested serpent eagle, Emerald dove, Hill Myna.

Best time to visit Dampa Tiger Reserve

The best time to visit the Dampa Tiger Reserve is during the months of November to March.

Reaching Dampa Tiger Reserve

  • By air: The nearest airport is the Lengpui Airport of Aizawl. The airport is well connected to other cities like Guwahati, Silchar and Kolkata. From here one can travel via road to the reserve.
  • By rail: The nearest railway station is Silchar Railway Station which is connected to many important places and cities of the country.
  • By road: The reserve is easily accessible by road from the city of Aizawl which is close to 128 km away. One can also hire a taxi from Silchar and reach the reserve.

Accommodation @ Dampa Tiger Reserve

Tourists will have various accommodation facilities available in places like Teirei, Phuldungsei and Damparengpui. Within the forest also there are rest houses for tourists to stay.