Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu

16 Serene Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a fascinating state known for its thriving culture, distinctive arts, and mouthwatering cuisine. The heritage state of Tamil Nadu is home to stunning beaches, charming hill towns, luxuriant farms, and religious towns. These vacation spots all have unique identities of their own and provide visitors a respite from the severe heat in Chennai, the state’s capital.

The hill stations of Tamil Nadu offer one of the best aspects of tourism for anyone seeking natural beauty. Tamil Nadu boasts a variety of attractions to meet the demands of all kinds of visitors, including families and friends from college, from the lovely tea plantations in Ooty to the lakes and numerous trekking opportunities in Kodaikanal and Yercaud. Tamil Nadu is home to the charming hill towns of Coonoor and Hogenakkal.

1. Ooty

Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India Tourism
Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India Tourism (courtesy: 6ix4ourtystudio)

Ooty is not an exception to the mystery that has long surrounded the Blue Mountains. Every mountain lover finds great appeal in the very thought of visiting the town renowned as the Queen of the Hills.

Ooty, also known as Udagamandalam, is the most visited hill station in Tamil Nadu and will be the right choice for anyone looking for a beautiful place to relax and unwind. This destination has it all, including cafe hopping, boutique shopping, and some seriously antique bookshops.

Ooty, which is 2,240 meters above sea level and situated in the Nilgiri hills, has a pleasant environment all year long. The unspoiled Ooty wooded hills and their cultivated plants provide exceptional symbiotic views.

The largest government rose garden, with thousands of different rose kinds, is located near Ooty. Ooty Botanical Garden, Pykara Lake, Pykara Falls, and Stephen’s Church are some of the captivating tourist attractions in Ooty.

2. Kolukkumalai

Kolukkumalai, Tamil Nadu, India Tourism
Kolukkumalai, Tamil Nadu, India Tourism (courtesy: prajaytj)

Located in Tamil Nadu, Kolukkumalai is a tiny village. Furthermore, the tea here has a unique flavor due to being grown on the highest tea farms in the globe. Being one of the well-known tea companies, it processes tea using conventional, age-old techniques.

The enchanting beauty of Kolukkumalai is set against a backdrop of the tea’s aroma from the foggy peaks. If you are a fervent tea drinker, savor the range of flavors offered by the outlets where you may pack fresh packets directly from the factory.

The surrounding scenery is mesmerizing and promises a stunning sunrise over the Palani hills. The hilltop is sloped and is easily accessible by jeeps.

3. Javadi Hill

A must-see on any journey of Tamil Nadu is Javadi, a hill station revered for its magnificent waterfalls and lakes, lovely wildlife, and lush flora. It is a tranquil hill station in Tamil Nadu also known as hills that produce rain clouds.

It is around 75 kilometers from Thiruvannamalai in the Eastern Ghats. Within a thick forest, 12 kilometers from Jamanamarathur, sits this hill station, commonly known as Beeman Maduvu Falls.

The area is filled with river streams and forested hills, and Malayali tribes have lived here for ages. There are lots of hiking trails in the hills, and there are a tonne of animals hiding out in the shade of dense trees.

The Kavalur Observatory, Beeman Maduvu Waterfall, and hiking through the Amrita Forest are just a few of the local attractions. For tourists who enjoy outdoor activities, Javadi Hills, which is home to numerous waterfalls and treks, is a must-visit location.

4. Yelagiri

Yelagiri, Tamilnadu, India Tourism
Yelagiri, Tamilnadu, India Tourism (courtesy: izaakanthony)

A group of 14 villages known as Yelagiri may be found sandwiched between four mountains off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur Road at an elevation of 1110.6 meters above sea level. Athanavur is the largest settlement in the Yelagiri Hills.

Yelagiri, which was formerly a family business, is now managed by the government. However, Reddiyur is still home to the magnificent manor palace of the Yelagiri Zamindars. The hill, one of the main destinations for hikers, offers a variety of hiking trails through dense protected woodlands.

Yelagiri’s highest point, Swamimalai Hill, offers a lovely perspective of the lush valley. Every year, throngs of tourists from all over the world are seduced by the man-made Punganur Lake, the ravishing Jalagamparai Waterfalls, Velavan Temple, and Nature Park. Another enjoyable activity to take in Yelagiri’s captivating summit vista is paragliding.

5. Kodaikanal

Places to Visit in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India
Places to Visit in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India (courtesy: lokesh)

The name Kodaikanal, which translates to “The Gift of the Forest”, refers to a well-known retreat from the hot climate of the main city. Kodaikanal has a long history as a tourist retreat.

The area, which is in the Tamil Nadu state in the south, is a tourist haven with a variety of adventure sports including boating, trekking, etc. In May and June, when the mainland swelters in the blazing heat, Kodaikanal remains cool, with temperatures rarely rising beyond 20 degrees.

Kodaikanal is also renowned as the “Princess of Hill Stations”. The pristine hill town is embellished with glittering lakes, hills covered in greenery, and gushing waterfalls. Besides the mesmerizing natural beauty, the hill town is also endowed with astounding Neelakurinji flowers. The charming flowers bloom only once every 12 years.

Coaker’s Walk, La Saleth Church, Green Valley View, Pamber Falls, Bear Shola Falls, Solar Observatory, Pillar Rocks, Guna Caves, and the Kodaikanal Lake are just a few of the tourist attractions in Kodaikanal that make the area a powerhouse for a serene yet alluring trip.

6. Coonoor

Coonoor, Tamilnadu, India Tourism
Coonoor, Tamilnadu, India Tourism (courtesy: maheimakapur)

Coonoor is the second-largest hill station in the area. It is located in the serene Nilgiris and is well-known for the delectable Nilgiri Tea grown on the Nilgiri slopes. You can enjoy undulating views of lush and verdant plantations.

One can see the sea stretching out and the land effortlessly vanishing into the ocean just a few kilometers above the main metropolis. Coonoor is popular among travelers of all types as it is one of Tamil Nadu’s most tranquil hill towns. It lures tourists with its pleasant weather and stunning scenery.

You may find some breathtaking tourist destinations in Coonoor to spend time unwinding and enjoying the natural scenery. The best views of the hills and valleys can be seen from vantage points including Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose, and Lady Canning’s Seat.

In addition to these, other attractions in Coonoor include Sim’s Park, Hidden Valley, and Raila’s Dam. One can also go to a tea factory and breathe in the fragrant aroma of freshly processed tea.

7. Kolli Hills

Kolli Hills, which are in the Namakkal district, are accessible via Salem’s railway station or a 371-kilometer drive from Chennai. These hills have numerous hairpin bends that make them ideal for bike riders and various types of road trips.

For travelers looking for adventure, Kolli Hills, also known as Kolli Malai in Tamil, is ideal. Famous highland resort Kolli Hills is situated at a height of 4,266 feet above sea level. This area is one of Tamil Nadu’s undiscovered hill stations because there are no commercial tourism operations taking place there at all.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, visitors may take in the Clean and Lush Green atmosphere. The majority of the hill station’s landscape is covered with tea and coffee plantations, as well as many jackfruit trees, paddy fields, and other vegetation.

In addition, there are other attractions, such as the adjacent Agaya Gangai Waterfalls and Eco-Camps. The monsoon season, when the valley gives more scenic sights to observe, is the finest time to visit the Kolli Hills.

8. Meghamalai

Meghamalai is one of Tamil Nadu’s unknown hill stations, making it extremely exciting to travel to uncharted territory. Under the dense trees of the Western Ghats, its beauty is shrouded.

Popularly known as the “High Wavy Mountains,” Megamalai is one of Tamil Nadu’s lesser-known hill stations and contains many unexplored forests. The cardamom and tea plantations next to the dense forest cover add to the hill station’s charm.

You might run into a Giant Squirrel or come face to face with butterflies in the woods while exploring these lush tropical forests, which is a unique encounter in and of itself. The greatest locations for trekking are tea estates, however, if you prefer more sedate adventures, simply strolling along the arid mountain paths will satisfy your desire.

The Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which has a wide diversity of flora and fauna, is an excellent place for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. There are more than 100 different species of birds, which will thrill bird-loving visitors. In addition, some of the rarest fruit bats and Great Indian Hornbills can be found here.

9. Pachaimalai Hills

Pachaimalai Hills, a popular tourist place in South India, is a lush green hillock located on the Eastern Ghats not far from Trichy, is nothing short of nirvana with its otherworldly vegetation and vivid flora and wildlife. Pachamalai, a location situated away from the noisy city crowd, makes a great getaway for those who want peace and nature.

Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan scenery and the melodic sounds of the pure rivers Kallar and Sweata next to the Mayil Uthu Falls while you’re here. Another must-see attraction in the area is Veera Ramar’s stunning dam, which was constructed across the Kallar River.

The rivers Sweata Nadi and Kallar pass through these hills, which also have waterfalls, hiking routes, and herb gardens. While visiting Pachamalai Hills, you can go on a hiking trip through the dense woods, tour the picturesque towns of Arumbavur and Thuraiyur, or simply relax among the colorful varieties of birds and animals.

It has recently grown as an eco-tourism destination, particularly for weekend vacations. Butterflies and blooming flowers enhance the picturesque surroundings and perspectives. Tribal communities are known to live there, giving the Pachais culture a distinctive flavor.

10. Yercaud

Yercaud, Tamilnadu, India Tourism
Yercaud, Tamilnadu, India Tourism (courtesy: mugijo)

Yercaud is a hill station in the Shevaroy Hills of the Eastern Ghats, rising 4970 feet above sea level. From its native tongue, Yercaud translates as “The Lake Forest.” Sandalwood, teak, and silver oak forests in their natural states may be found in abundance in Yercaud.

The region is preserved by the government. The area’s native flora and animals are protected by restricting access to the forest. In recent years, the hill station has gained popularity among tourists as a convenient escape from the bustle of the adjacent metropolises.

Yercaud is renowned for its plantations of citrus fruits such as oranges, coffee, guava, black pepper, and cardamom. A well-known religious location in the area is Shevarayan Temple.

The Big Lake, also known as the Emerald Lake, the Lady’s Seat, the Gent’s Seat, the Children’s Seat, the Orchidarium, the Silk Farms, the Rose Gardens, the Horticulture Farms, and the Pagoda Point, also known as the Pyramid Point, are among the tourist attractions in Yercaud.

11. Anaimalai

The “Aliar and Uppar” rivers are known around Tamil Nadu’s famed hill resort of Anamalai Hills. Along with its scenic beauty, this hill station gives travelers a pleasant climate.

The tallest hills in South India are called Anaimalai, and they reach a height of 8,841 feet. Monkey Falls, Chinnar, Manompally, and Crocodile Breeding Center are this hill station’s main draws. The wildlife in the Anamalai Hills is beautiful, and it boasts some of the highest peaks in South India.

The tropical jungles here are home to numerous different animals, including Black Panthers, Leopards, Gaur, and many others. You can find coffee and tea gardens in Anamalai Hills, and you might even visit one to sample freshly brewed tea or coffee. Due to the presence of wild elephants there, it is also known as Elephant Mountains.

The hill town is incredibly proud of its huge natural resources and amazing animals. Sonachalam, Arunagiri, Arunai, Arunachalam, and Sonagiri are some of the names for Annamalai Hills. Rich monsoon forests are home to fine tree species like sago palms, sandalwood, rosewood, and teak.

12. Ketti Valley

Four kilometers from Ooty, the Ketti Valley is known as the Switzerland of the Nilgiris. It is home to various tribes skilled in growing fruits and vegetables and creating the world-famous Pony Needles brand of needles. Anyone can be mesmerized by the mysterious scene and striking surroundings of the second-largest valley in the world.

The huge emerald fields are beautiful to observe from the famed Toy Train-Nilgiri Express. Along with being the location of the powerful Nilgiri hills and being well-known among nature lovers, Ketti Valley is also a famous destination for adventure seekers who come to climb on its breathtaking treks.

You can take part in leisurely pursuits while visiting this captivating valley, such as birdwatching and nature walks, praying at the Shiva Lingam Temple, or simply wandering around the valley’s lush tea plantations.

A trip to Ketti Valley must be on your to-do list if you’re a culture vulture and are interested in learning about Tamil Nadu culture. Additionally, the Ketti Valley is well-known for trekking and bird watching.

13. Kotagiri

Kotagiri, Tamilnadu, India Tourism
Kotagiri, Tamilnadu, India Tourism (courtesy: palanisamyravi)

One of Tamil Nadu’s most prestigious and historic hill towns, Kotagiri is perched 5,883 feet above sea level in the Nilgiri Hills. It is a calm, unassuming location with an unmemorable Town Center where tourists can find the perfect retreat to red dirt roads under the blue skies, the pines, and the high green walls of the Nilgiris.

The Longwood Shola Forest, Catherine Falls, Kodanad Falls, and Rangaswamy Peak are among well-known attractions in the Kotagiri hill station. The Kodanad Viewpoint is the place to go if you want to witness the breathtaking views of the plains and neighboring regions.

The nice thing about this lovely town is that visitors can easily discover a wide variety of Cheap Hotels, Beautiful Resorts, and Guest Houses in Kotagiri.

The fact that travelers can enjoy nice and comfortable weather all year round means that you can schedule your trip to Kotagiri at any time. You may take in new perspectives of the gorges and waterfalls from The Dolphin’s Nose.

14. Pollachi

Due to its luxuriant flora and idyllic scenery, the town of Pollachi near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is a well-liked location for filming. Pollachi, a popular tourist place in Tamil Nadu is mostly an agricultural area, is covered in large expanses of coconut, jaggery, and vegetable farms.

Visitors and wanderers from all over the world come to the well-known Topslip Tiger Reserve and Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary for their historically significant temples throughout the year. Being surrounded by the Western Ghats, Pollachi always has unpolluted natural air to breathe and a beautiful natural environment to look at.

There are several tourist destinations in Pollachi, but many are beyond the city. The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is at the top of the list of places that locals must visit. It offers a variety of thrills, including bamboo rafting, forest trekking, and other activities.

Pollachi is not only abundant in vegetation; it also contains other features that would be preferable to be missing in a city setup, such as several dams and green hills, and the list only gets longer as more of this verdant area is explored.

15. Kalrayan Hills

Kalrayan Hills or Kalvarayan Hills is a mountain range in Tamil Nadu located in a part of the Eastern Ghats. The hill station is also well-known for its setting and the abundance of nature.

This is a unique location to spend time with loved ones. This area is covered in scrub and bush forests, however, there are a few one-day trekking trails nearby. On a summer day, the fragrance of flowers is so alluring and priceless. For hikers and adventure enthusiasts, the location is ideal.

Although it is an undiscovered hill station in Tamil Nadu, the time will be well spent there. If you’ve been searching for inner serenity and contentment, this hill station is a must-visit. This mountainous town is renowned for its serenity and abundance of the natural world.

By visiting key attractions like Megam Falls, Gomukhi Dam, and Periyar Falls, you may spend quality time with loved ones here. You’ll experience inner tranquility, fulfillment, and a sense of oneness with God’s creatures.

16. Kurangani

Kurangani Mountain range in Tamil Nadu is located atop the Western Ghats. The hill station is well-known for its splendid views. Set between the Kurangani mountains on the eastern side and Kolukkumalai on the western side, it is a rejuvenating spot to spend some time in the lap of nature.

This is a unique location to spend time with loved ones. Situated at a height of 6500 feet, the hill town is popular among adventure enthusiasts. It is a great destination for thrilling activities like hiking and trekking along dense forests and grasslands.

Home to rich biodiversity, the hill station produces coconut and mangoes. It is renowned for its spices and coffee estates. It lures tourists with its vibrance and the government is promoting endogenous spices tourism in the region.

The pleasant weather of the hill town fluctuates suddenly with chilly winds and low-hanging clouds. It adds thrill to your trip while you can also indulge in wildlife spotting. You will witness Indian guars, wild cats, barking deer, langurs, and birds in their natural surroundings as you explore the region.